Ghost Recon: Wildlands Beta Preview

What is it about being part of a squad that makes a mission worth while? The one thing I loved about Tom Clancy games is the fact that they know how to give players a squad-based experience. Ghost Recon: Wildlands takes players to South America where as a ghost we have to take down an enemy cartel. However, I will save the story for another time as we are here to talk about this past weekends beta on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows. There is only one month until the full release, is it ready?

Glitches Be Damned:

With any beta, you face some issues involved, but most gamers forget their purpose when beta testing. REPORT THE PROBLEM TO THE COMPANY! Now, my experience wasn’t as crazy as others with floating or falling through maps. One of the biggest concerns is respawning on teammates. Instead of a normal spawn, we are teleported far off from our team. I could understand if my team was under heavy attack and it would not be safe to spawn, but they were not and it took me a while to get to them before they executed the mission. Another fix is the vehicle controls, which were annoying at times being that a sedan and an SUV felt similar. There wasn’t that much of a different in speed and control between military and civilian vehicles. Also, the cars felt a bit too loose as if we were always dealing with slick roads.

Ubisoft is still getting used to the open world as seen in The Crew and Watch Dogs, but I hoping for the best with better vehicle mechanics.

Finally, enemies need some tweaking in their difficulty, except for the Unidad who are the right kind of opposition. I like that they would be compared to the Police Star rating from GTA as the Cartel can call them in to take us down in an endless force until we evacuate the area. The regular enemies do need to have a bit more tactical aggression.


Anything Good?

There is plenty of good, first being that it is an open world tactical game giving players an abundance of options to tackle missions differently. The elements are your friend where you can use the jungle for cover, come in by parachute or swim in by water side. It all depends on where you need to infiltrate. Now it comes down to how you want to attack each area with stealth, diversion or guns blazing (which is not an exploit). If some of you feel that the aim assist is a bit much and takes away some of the difficulty, well just about any game lets you toggle it off in the options menu. That’s for those that had trouble with understanding that.

It is up to you to do a solo campaign or go online for four player co-op. The A.I. soldiers are not bad actually. They tend to feel like they are in god mode with the limited commands you can give them. Once you hit the “Fire” option, they will take down all enemy opposition with no problems. You can sit back, have a cocktail and just let them handle all the work, which needs to be toned down.

I do enjoy the skill tree in which you can build your ghost the best way that fits your play style or do something that benefits the team. However, I am concerned with the way you can cheat the level up system which to me is a true exploit. In the beta, I almost reached level 4 by replaying certain missions that gave me the most XP. I highly doubt there is much they can do about it since that option is in most games if you change the difficulty for more points, but I do feel they should lower the reward so you can press on, or make special events a bigger reward to keep things moving.

So yay or nay?

Ghost Recon: Wildlands releases in one month, so Ubisoft has a bit of work ’til the final build. There are just a few minor issues, but so far I had fun to take on missions differently, testing the waters of what we can or can’t do and even goofing off at times. I think my favorite is taking cartel members as hostages to interrogate them or extract them by throwing them in the trunk of a car. The weapon customization is another favorite of mine giving us the players a full breakdown of each weapon in different classes to fit it best for our needs. Also, being able to switch guns on the fly is a nice magical option just in case you need a sniper instead of an assault rifle, which I am not sure if this is a good thing or not. I mean I would assume the challenge would be to deal with the weapons you have while on the mission until you find a weapons box to change your loadout. Character customization is by far the best Ubisoft has ever done. From the clothing to the tattoos and scars, it is pretty good at getting down to what your ghost should look like.

In all that being said, I have it on my radar as a pre-order and I had a lot of fun, especially being creative with C4 laying out traps for oncoming Unidad soldiers in vehicles. We shall see in our full review that I hope you come back to check out. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands releases on March 7th, 2017. -Beast Out-


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