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First off, congratulations are in order to the team of Mutant Football League for conquering their second chance at their kickstarter. They smashed their goal and now is going for a stronger lead and yes I am a backer. I mean Mutant League Football was a childhood favorite on the Sega Genesis and the cartoon as well. Right now we just got an update that just released 13 new characters which I am quite pleased about and I understand the team was trying to keep it simple with just skeletons, robots, and Orcs. But, come on fellas this is the Mutant league, how much more do you need to give us that amazing experience with an abundance of characters?

Thankfully all backers were given a preview build just to get their foot on the deadly field and it flowed pretty well. There are so many ways to win the game and even though we could only play for a few quarters. You get a grounded idea of what to expect in the final build which gives you a gruesome and gory style. Now you can try to win with honor or completely kill the other team from my understanding. There was not enough time to destroy the other players.

Mutant Football League is an action football game where you pick from 14 Unique Teams or 3 All-Star Teams for online or offline gameplay, in solo, co-op, or head-to-head modes. Players can win by scoring more points than the opposition or by literally decimating the opposing team so they have to forfeit. The choice is yours! This is the next generation, spiritual successor to the classic retro game, Mutant League Football with beautiful 3D graphics and impressive gore effects.

Now that the goal has been reached, it was time to push further with Stretch goals. In this latest stretch goal, the devs released concept art for new mutant species. The thing is that it is mainly choice, not saying that we will get them all, votes are going in for which should be available.

Three choices my friends, but you need to be a backer to participate in the votes. I myself am in the tier that I can name a player and since many of you know me as Beast Gamer, I am hoping that they will be able to do the werewolf, but my homie Lady Arsenic says the superhuman mutant looks more like me with the Mohawk. It is all in the air at this point. I don’t favor the design of the demon too much, maybe another design would work since the wings would put a new level to the game. I would just remove the wings and all would be good.

Hopefully, they surpass their goal and maybe we can get a tier for special DLC of some classic characters from the cartoon if they have rights to them that are. I know I am asking for a lot being that they are making a reboot, but the nostalgia is just too strong not to ask.

Right now there are 22 days left before the kickstarter is over so head on over and back this project to unlock more features. As it stands the goal has reached $81,258which gives us a Steam Punk Field. The below image shows the rest of the goals.

Thank you all for checking out this quick update and I hope Mutant Football League reaches the touchdown so we can get a full season added. Please check back for more news and updates as we get closer. -Beast Out-

  • Online Multiplayer: Online and offline multiplayer for 2 to 4 players – competitive and co-op – so you can laugh at your friends while you crush them under your cleats.
  • Gridiron Carnage: Over the top visual and gore effects include blood splatters, comically horrific deaths, fire effects, exploding body parts, and dismemberment.
  • Killer Stadiums: Extremely dangerous fields are filled with diabolical traps and hazards – including explosive mines, toxic moats, lava flows and crazed fans cheering on their favorite squad of murderers.
  • Dirty Tricks: Each team has its own set of twisted audibles such as the classic “Bribe the Ref” where you pay off the referee to look the other way or new additions like “Chainsaw Massacre” where your running back pulls out a league-approved chainsaw and slices and dices the defense into submission, and “Ginormous” where your Blitzer grows 5-times his normal size – have fun trying to block him!
  • All-Star Players: These are your game breaking, wisecracking mutants who have special skills, abilities, weapons; They’re players who can single-handedly win you the game. So you’ll need to protect them because nothing hurts worse than losing your favorite all-star to a chainsaw or giant Orc.


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