Vulnerable Exploit Hacks Nintendo Switch

I have to go into my memories to think at one point did I first have a modded system? It had to be the PlayStation 1. Before you judge me and think I stole from the companies, NO! I had mines modded to play import titles that were expensive as hell and besides there were only a handful of people that knew how to burn PS1 and Sega Saturn games at the time. Through the years hacking or modding systems have become difficult, but that tends to happen once the information is known and becomes popular. People demand too much or brag about it too much and it ends up being counter attacked with updates or hack sweeps like what happened with the Xbox 360. This time around it is the Nintendo Switch turn to be opened up and accessed. posted this gem about this exploit found by known hacker QWERTYORUIOP.

According to the hacker, “all” he had to do was slightly tweak his existing jailbreakMe iOS Webkit exploit (hence the mention of iOS and pangu in the screenshot) and remove iOS specific code from it. Although qwertyoruiop has not provided any proof or release besides a screenshot, the hacker’s reputation makes it highly unlikely to be a hoax (I do not have access to the hack or a Nintendo Switch here to verify. It might actually be the first time in history that people could get their hands on a console hack more easily than on the console itself).

Did Nintendo release the Switch too soon leaving the system vulnerable? Honestly, if they did, they can simply update the system to get rid of the exploit without much worry. The one thing I do want to know about is the advantage of the exploit?

For now, this hack doesn’t mean much for the end user: nothing’s been released yet, and this is only a userland exploit. Although it might allow running unsigned code, hackers are typically after a bigger prey: Kernel access. I wouldn’t be surprised if nothing was released until hackers get a better understanding of the console’s internals, and potentially find privilege escalation vulnerabilities (kernel exploits).

So, it is just saying that it is hacked. Nothing major as of yet. Since the system is region free, the only other thing is iso games exploit which I am sure someone is finding out how to do right now since this is public knowledge about the hack. Either way, we shall see what happens and see how long it will take for Nintendo to act. -Beast Out-


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