Berserk and the Band of the Hawk Review

What does one do when they are filled with a blood lust? Guts is a warrior that fits in nowhere, hence why he was a mercenary until one day he ran into Griffith the leader of the band of the hawk. One would think that this may have been a blessing for Guts to finally find some ground and gain comrades, but was it all leading to some dark?

The last time I played a Berserk video game was back on the Sega Dreamcast “Sword of the Berserk: Guts Rage”. This time around we follow Guts where it all began and leading to the living nightmare surrounding the Kings Egg. You begin the journey as young Guts until he crosses with the Band of the hawk clan. After a fierce battle with Griffith who had more speed than strength ended up besting Guts in which winning his skills for his army.

Things are pretty simple for a while dealing with opposition from greedy tyrants and lords. Having to take a be pushed to be an assassin which showed a bit of humanity in Guts at one point questioning his actions. Soon enough the playing field changes in a demonic way with their first encounter with the supernatural. There is nothing freakier than muscular warrior turning into a 12 foot two horned demon making you run around the room like a chicken with its head cut off. All that you know is that it is something that is surrounding Griffith and his Kings Egg necklace. If you never saw the anime and manga shame on you! But for your sake, I will not spoil the story any further.


Koei Tecmo Games is known for their famed Dynasty Warrior series and it is not shy in using the same game mechanics for all titles, even anime themed ones. As you progress through the story you will hack and slash your way through waves of enemies while attempting to follow mission parameters. Some missions will be dedicated to Guts only and others will let you utilize other characters of the series to level up as well. Each character will have their own special style but use the same button combos to keep it simple.

You will have sub-weapons and two special gauges for a devastating area damage attack. Your purple gauge has to be filled up before you can use your final blow kill and the purple gauge can go up in levels. Use it wisely, but with a number of enemies, you encounter you will fill it up quickly.

Berserk is visually appealing all around with full voice acting and animated cutscenes from the anime itself. This gives you the feeling of an interactive anime. It gives players the fun of the story and has you control the battle as if you were right there. This is a great way to give fans an opportunity to actually be their favorite anti-hero.

The Bad:

Band of the Hawk can be repetitive at times going through missions doing the same task each time with some slight segway. You either have to stop certain targets from escaping, making sure your comrades don’t flee and then here comes the big boss! Rinse and repeat a few times which leads to boredom. However it doesn’t last long which I feel the developers would sense that happening so they throw in an interesting anime cut-scene which drives you to go further to find out how it all plays out.

Once you are done with the story you can move onto Free Mode which gives you the option to play as all unlocked characters and their extra costumes. Then there is Endless Eclipse which is a demonic dungeon crawler leading you deeper in which gives you unlocks. I do recommend doing this after you beaten the story mode. If you do not the Endless Eclipse will reset everytime you start the story mode to continue. You can also use any character in Endless Eclipse as well and as a tip, I recommend using the character Zodd the Immortal, he is literally one of the strongest characters to play as.


Berserk and the band of the Hawk is one badass and brutal game. I love how the game gives you the option to turn off the gore situations which gives this title close to an A rating. Besides being slightly repetitive this caters to fans of the series and delivers impressive combat scenarios. Replay value is moderate, but each character will give you something unique to the table. There were moments in the cut scenes that made me go through all the emotions from humor to sad to all out gasping at the pure nightmare situations.

I give Berserk and the Band of the Hawk a 3.5 out of 5 paws. I hope you enjoyed this review, please add your email in the subscription box to the right to stay updated on the future post. – Beast Out

Final Verdict:

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