Injustice 2 Beta Hands on Preview

What’s up, ladies and gentlemen! It’s ShadowJin here and today I’m bringing you a lovely hands-on preview on one of the most anticipated fighters of the year Injustice 2! If you’re not familiar with the series, Injustice isn’t just a game but, is also based off of the popular comic series that puts DC heroes and villains in an odd situation with the world’s strongest hero as the world’s biggest threat. Harley Quinn is working with Batman, Damian Wayne is on Superman’s side, and a bunch of other mind blown moments. Now let’s jump forward to Injustice 2.

At first glance Injustice 2 looks amazing, but  given there’s more beauty to it underneath the good graphics and cool realistic looking characters. It plays very smooth and similar to Mortal Kombat X to an extent. Those who have played Mortal Kombat X will be somewhat familiar with performing combos and using stage environments. The big thing that separates this game from the rest of other fighting games is the gear system.

The gear system is something completely brand new and can change a lot more than just cosmetically change your character. It also changes your characters s gives this fighter a bit of an RPG essence. After each fight whether you win or lose, you’ll earn gear for characters and it’s completely random. One fight you might get a rare helmet for Blue Beetle and the next something less rare but has better stats. The gear system isn’t just gadgets and cool clothes/armor. You also get different color palettes and moves that change how your characters play. Now those are really rare and while I got a chance to experiment and play I only got 1 color palette which was for SuperGirl and 1 move for Superman.

The move I got for Superman changed how he starts up his super move. Instead of grabbing you followed by going into the super, instead he flies off the screen and comes back with a meteor that he smashes over your head then goes into his super. Now just because you get gear that changes your characters stats doesn’t mean you have to play with that on. Those who want to play strictly without stats have the option of turning it off before a fight.

The roster so far just keeps getting more and more interesting. In the build that I got to play, it had a total of 6 characters to choose from. Those characters were Batman, Superman, Blue Beetle, Atrocities, Black Canary and SuperGirl. Batman and Superman pretty much play the same as they did in the first Injustice except with a couple of tweaked moves. As for the others, they all feel really cool. Blue Beetle and SuperGirl were the ones I really took a liking to. By the way those wondering if Superman and SuperGirl play alike, they don’t which is a really good thing. Black Canary was fun too but, I didn’t really get a chance to explore her. Atrocities, on the other hand, hits hard and has some decent mobility for a heavy hitter. Oh, and another thing is to be sure to watch the fight intros. It’s awesome to see the characters react differently to each other.

After spending some quality time with the game I can honestly say I can’t wait to get my hands on the release version and see what all the characters and modes are like. Be sure to look out for Injustice 2 when it comes out May 16, 2017. Once again this is ShadowJin and remember fellow gamers. PLAY ON!

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