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What’s up Dudes and Dudettes! It is the dust in your mind, the newest addition to KumaZoku Entertainment! The one and only minddust_1792. Bringing you a fresh side to this site, previewing the monthly games that Playstation Network has in store for us, FREE to all PlayStation Plus members. We will be riding on many different game genres, such as Sports, Action/Adventures, Puzzle/Platformers, First Person Shooters, Survivals, and some Role-playing Games.

But for now let us go ahead and bring forth this Month’s PlayStation Plus games:


This month’s selections we get two completely different genres, we get a beautiful story driven puzzle/platformer, and an amazing take at Ultimate Frisbee.


Disc Jam, many are calling it the next Rocket League. If you don’t know what Rocket League is, stop reading this right meow and please go get it!

Made using the Unreal 4 Engine, developed by High Horse Entertainment comes this groovy sports game that will get your butt of your chairs and your blood pumping from all the adrenaline driven gameplay.


It has a slow learning curve, especially if you are new to sports games. But if you have ever played tennis or Pong for that matter, this game will seem a bit similar, and in no time you will be making some kick ass moves in order to disorient your opponent and score your way to Victory!

There are only 4 characters to choose from, 2 dudes and 2 dudettes, but plenty of customization using a cool slot system, where you exchange your J’s (In-game currency) for items that are randomly selected. You also get stances, dog tags, and discs.


The controls are a bit sloppy, but you get used to it very quickly, you can’t jump or run, but you can do a dash move that allows you to gain momentum in order to get to those corner shots. You get a deflecting shield, where if you time it correctly you will get an Ultimate Charged Shot, where the disc lights on fire and it goes super fast, but it isn’t unstoppable, if you time it right, you can deflect the Ultimate shot and return it back to the assaulter.

There is one major flaw, however, it uses a peer-to-peer connection, this makes it a bit frustrating when playing against players with high ping, we are talking precise gaming here, and it doesn’t help when you are jumping all over the place trying to figure out where the disc is going.

In its simplistic way, a pumped up version of old school Pong, this fast pace adrenaline driven game will get you going for a match or two, if you have more than an hour to spare, I guarantee you, you will always want to play one more.


Tearaway Unfolded, Aaah this game, brought me back to the days of Nintendo 64, even tho the story has nothing to do with its plumbers’ counterpart, the gameplay can be quite similar, proving that the 3D puzzle/platformer genre is alive and well. Incorporating new mechanics to this masterpiece using the PlayStation’s 4 dualschock motion controls, allowing you to solve your way around the world of Tearaway.

Using a very odd way to introduce you to the game, it is inspired by papercraft and Rex Crowle’s drawings and doodles left around Media Molecule’s office. You can see in the video below; be aware spoilers are in motion, if you don’t want to see the video scroll down to the next section.

After 4 minutes in, you start to realize how deep the story really goes. It all sums up to the fight between good and evil. Who would’ve thought that a video game can get philosophical… Just kidding, there are plenty like this, but it is nice to see a different side of the coin from time to time.

The controls can be a bit limited, but it all goes seamlessly due to the fact that you are using the dualshock controller to interact with the light that shines on the world, beyond just pressing buttons. Of course, you still use the L3 /R3 to move the character around.

The music is magnificently majestic, you get it as a separate file as well, I haven’t seen this since Killer Instincts, including the game’s soundtrack with the game! That is simply amazing. Thumbs up for that one.

It took me almost 7 hours to beat the game and what an amazing ending! Which I won’t spoil this time. If you do all the side missions and mini games it can take up to 12 hours, this is amazing knowing that right now this game is free!


So if you are bored or simply looking to start new adventures but don’t want to spend money at this time, make sure to check out this month’s selection for PlayStation plus members.

If you haven’t already make sure to check the store each month and simply add to your library these free games we get, you don’t have to download it right away to your drive, just keep them in your library for future visits.

Remember these are free as long as you have a PlayStation Plus account. I have been doing this since launch and have over 140 games in my library, where 100 are free titles from Plus. If you add PlayStation 3 and Vita’s game to the library you can get up to $129.99 in value! That’s crazy!!

That’s all, for now internutz, if you have any suggestions on which games you would like me to preview make sure to comment on the section below and follow @KumaZokuEnt if you haven’t already.

Thank you for stopping by.

Keep on rocking world!

This is minddust_1792 signing off.


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