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Who here like water sports? I don’t just mean the beach hotties in whatever preference you desire. I am talking about the water ski racing kind. Riptide GP: Renegade just hit both Xbox One and Windows 1o play anywhere service. Riptide GP gives you an intense stunt-filled jet ski experience with a cliche story, but an enjoyable amount of customization. Let us take a closer look.

You are a wave racer who in a cliche turn of events takes on a rival in an unlicensed race. The end result turns out to be a set up for you to be arrested in which you lose everything. Two years later you are set free and of course, have to rebuild your reputation and gain a new team. As usual, you are given a low tier motor ski that luckily you can upgrade as you play.

Now I know this is not on the AAA title level, but I still have some questions. Why didn’t the rival get caught two? I didn’t see any lethal weapons on any of the police vehicles, so couldn’t I just slip passed them? I am a licensed racer with a strong reputation and yet I get two years? So I must have a sh*tty manager. Okay, I am done nitpicking, but still messed up.

Simple yet satisfying:

If Hydro Thunder, SSX Tricky, and  Jet Moto were to had a three way you would have Riptide GP: Renegade. It is a simple racer with some colorful characters, but it has a large list of tricks to unlock. I literally have to write down these tricks to memory, because it is as if I am playing a fighting game to do special moves. You utilize these movies by means of both analog sticks in certain directions at the same time or in combos. I missed that style of gaming that seems to have been lost a bit.

The vehicles all feel different which is great and they all transform differently once you have your boost meter active after a trick. Yes, you will need to do tricks to fill up your meter and once done you hit that A button once to burn the meter. As upgrades go, it is spent on money you earn and it is quite simple with acceleration, top speed, boost, and handling. You can redo missions which to me you can use as an advantage to earn the same amount of money to upgrade your bike to the fullest.

You have your typical game modes of elimination, slalom racing, trick competition, and one vs one.  If you are done with the campaign then go online with all your stats and things unlocked to take on the world and as an added bonus there is four player split screen to enjoy in your own home.

Visuals on a Budget:

There is no doubt that this game had some care into it, even though it looks like it was made for the Xbox 360, you can’t dismiss that it is fun and you only paid $9.99 for what you can do. I was impressed with the background animations and the water physics. There are the little things to appreciate with the water splashing on the screen and the aggressive nature of the police units popping in from time to time.

You do have choices of different riders which you will unlock throughout the campaign. Boss battles will unlock vehicles as well. There are an abundance of color schemes, emblems, and numbers to choose for your rider to make it unique.

The Bad:

I would not mind paying an extra ten dollars to get more features in Riptide. The characters interactions scream for some attack animations or taunts that would give the game more attitude. The Police enemies are annoying more than threatening. They don’t stop you more like become a nuisance trying to get in your way not really causing a threat. I would just trick them into a wall causing them to crash and then you never see them again. I would expect more of a chase or hazards running from the cops and what brings them out? They seem to come randomly, but not enough.


At ten dollars there is not much you can complain about. It is affordable and fun, has great visuals for that budget and the racing is intense with great environments to race on. I would like some more challenge with the police officers and other racers besides the boss battles just having them being a bit faster. I also would not mind some taunts or a few attacks since you are dealing with some hardcore characters that seem to be out to get you. Great replay value with local and online multiplayer so you have a choice on how you want to show off your skills.

In the end, Riptide GP: Renegade gets 4 paws out of 5 bringing some nostalgia and fun within in a gamer’s budget. I have to give props for pushing out a decent racing game that many can enjoy. I hope you enjoyed this quick review and be sure to check out Riptide GP: Renegade which is available right now. -Beast Out-

Final Verdict: 4 Paws

Beast Gamer Kuma

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