Riyuji Yamazaki Enters KOF XIV

Well guys, it looks like SNK has turned up the heat yet again! Just a few days after the Whip update was announced SNK decided they couldn’t just leave her reentering the world of KOF on her own. Instead, SNK is giving us a KOF97 ThrowBack with the return of (*drum roll please*) Ryuji Yamazaki! Months can turn into days rather quickly and with that being said EVO feels more and more like its just around the corner. So all of you KOF14 contestants aiming to be EVOs King of Fighter get ready because by the looks of it Yamazaki looks like a force to be reckoned with!

As I said with Whipp don’t get too cozy with the combat system and tiers just yet. With Yamazaki&Whipp looking like they’ll break the game on opening day, who knows how the rest of the mystery DLC characters will throw at the current state of combat. It’s anyone’s guess who’s making a reentry back into the KOF tournament with SNK having so many characters and what not. I’m hoping Rock Howard will make his way back in. So who are you keeping your eyes peeled for?

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