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Spring is in the air and not only is it about the nice weather, but also some new video games to add to your collection. On April 18th. 2017 Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom is coming out for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC and there is a new character trailer.

Shiness’ characters and story were first birthed over 20 years ago from the pen strokes of a young Samir Rebib, co-founder of Enigami. Now, after a successful Kickstarter campaign and with the help of publisher Focus Home Interactive, this young team is close to releasing their first game featuring five playable characters with distinct playstyles and personalities.

  • Chado – This daring young Waki dreams of traveling far beyond his home town of Kimpao―and this desire quickly gets him in big trouble!
  • Poky – A faithful friend to Chado, Poky has an incredible talent for engineering that makes up for his lack of courage.
  • Rosalya – Shy but loyal to the party, Rosalya has a powerful affinity with fire and is on the search for a mysterious truth.
  • Askel – A formidable young mercenary, the enigmatic Askel already has a far-reaching reputation in Mahera.
  • Kayenne – A strong, natural born leader, Kayenne remains calm in even the most difficult situations.

It is all about how to use your characters in this hyper-dynamic combat engine. Each character will have their own special abilities as usual in any rpg game. There will be devastating hyper combos, but the battles will be one vs one with your party members casting magic on the sidelines. Hey, you have to keep it classy.

Once you are done kicking butt and gaining victories you can venture out in the one puzzle filled environment. It is up to you to use your party member abilities to pave the way on your adventure so that everyone can shine.



Travel through an enthralling and interactive world as Chado and his 4 companions, and develop your characters.

Hyper-dynamic combat mixing magic with combos, parries, and blocks like a traditional arena fighter.

Develop 2 types of skills (physical attacks and magic) and unlock new talents and spells.

Explore and interact with a vast world made of multiple environments thanks to you and your companions’ special powers and skills.

Numerous quests and side-quests will give you the opportunity to develop your characters and their reputation.

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom arrives digitally to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on April 18, 2017. re-orders for PC are open on Steam, and include the Official Shiness Manga, the Original Soundtrack, and a 15% discount. Pre-orders on Xbox One are now available as well.

I hope to see you all when the game officially releases. – Beast Out

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