Battle Chasers: Nightwar for Nintendo Switch

Many of you already knew I was following the kickstarter in 2015 when this title was announced, but today on Nintendo Direct. It has been announced that we shall see Battle Chasers: Nightwar on the Nintendo Switch and I feel that it is the perfect place for this game to fall on. Let’s take a look at the trailer.

The Story:

The Lost Continent

The Grey Line. An impenetrable wall of mist hovering over the West Waters, stretching endless from north to south, and towering from ocean crest to dark sky above.

Nothing has ever come from, or survived entering, the historic monolith. The great hero Aramus felt a calling from the Grey Line and crossed, despite the dangers. And like countless warriors, vagabonds, fugitives and fortune seekers before him, never returned. Now, his daughter Gully and her unlikely band of adventurers venture into the mist to uncover her father’s mission.

Along the way they’ll meet friend and foe alike while piecing together the silent history of the Grey Line, and the dark secrets within.
Bring on the Characters:
  • Gully who is on a quest to find her long lost Father Aramus. Skills: Crush, Earthquake and Protectors Instinct. She is going to be beast.
  • Garrison once a loyal paladin to the missing hero Aramus now seeks to regain his honor by aiding Gully in her quest. Skills: Flashblind, Quickstep, and Redmist
  • Monika also known as Red Monika is a Fugitive who will do anything for the right price and getting herself known. Seems to have that Love/Hate relationship with Garrison, but we shall see how that unfolds in the story. Skills: Charm, Disarm, and Pickpocket
  • Knolan an old mage that is plagued by the rapid decline of Mana. This of course is the source of all magic in the world, but his short temper is worthy to deal with any foe. Skills: Light, Fire Field and Overcharge
  • Calibretto my favorite of the bunch. It is an Ancient War Golem who developed his own sentience and now helps out Knolan throughout this venture. Even though Calibretto is a kind giant, he wields an arsenal to take down a legion of adversaries. Skills: Revitalize, Seed of Life and Death Bloom.

Expect Battle Chasers: Nightwar to release Autumn of 2017 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC. – Beast Out

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