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What’s up Dudes and Dudettes! It is your boy minddust bringing you this Month’s PlayStation Plus games: “Drawn To Death” and “Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime” that last one rolls off your tongue.


These two games are unique in their own way, one is multiplayer based and the other is a couch co-op, which is something you don’t see that often. Who would’ve thought that couch co-op is not that common anymore… This brings back the fun of playing in the same room with your friends or family.

Without further a due, here are the previews.



Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime, this game really blew my mind, I wasn’t really expecting this to be so fun and beautiful to play, this is why I love video games.

Developed by Asteroid Based, using the Unity game engine, we get this amazing shooter/puzzle/platformer hybrid that takes us through the vast universe in order to rescue our loved ones.

It’s buttery controls and easy tutorial guide, allows you to jump right on the action to explore your way around this unique out-of-world experience.

It has a vast selection of characters and spaceships to choose from, but most of them are unlocked by rescuing friends… There are 5 characters to choose from and 4 pets right off the bat.

You can have up to four people playing on the same screen since it all takes place withing the spaceship. Two shooting, one controlling the shields, and the other controls the ship, so 2 DPS, 1 Defender, 1 pilot. You will need coordination and strategy in order to accomplish your goal and transverse the vast amount of levels.

If you are playing solo, however, you get to choose a companion that you can control using a certain command, pretty easy stuff, but it can get overwhelmed when too many enemies on screen.

Overall, this game is amazingly fun, when recording the footage I got so hooked that I couldn’t stop playing, definitely recommend this hidden gem especially if you got people over at your house and looking to have a great time. Lovers quest to find more lovers to get funky with the love.



Drawn To Death, crude humor, lots of cursing and Blood/Rung/Gun, is a four-player arena shooter, that happens to take place within a teenager’s notebook.

With a unique art style and a very odd way to introduce you to the game, from the title screen to the tutorial, it had me laughing at its jokes, questioning its motives and blown away by the craziness between the lines.


Using Unity game engine, and developed by The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency its voice acting and third person shooting style in a close quarter combat will get your blood pumping will want you to push for one more.


There are 6 characters to choose from, and tons of skins and weapons that you can unlock as you play along. 4 Game Types: Classic Deathmatch, Classic Team Deathmatch, Organ Donor, Brawl; in Ranked, Unranked and Friendly matches.

It is worth noting that this is multi-player only, no campaign, so in order to get good you need to spend hours and hours on this game, good thing tho, is that you get lots of unlocks in the process.

Some game modes can be a little annoying, since its only 4 player max per match, so on team deathmatch, if your teammate drops, you are left alone facing a gang bang of fast bullets and grenade action. Since its 2v2. All I can say is, choose a mode where you don’t rely on other players. This is definitely not a squad base game like Battlefield or Overwatch, it is more like I want to go shoot some people real quick.

I would only recommend this game because it is free for Playstation Plus April’s selection, otherwise, don’t bother with this one. There are better games out there when it comes to controls, and that’s where it boils all down to, controls if you can’t have control of your character, then what’s the point? That’s where this game lacks.


Remember these are free as long as you have a PlayStation Plus account. If you add PlayStation 3 and Vita’s game to the library you can get up to $129.99 in value! That’s crazy!!

That’s all, for now internutz, if you have any suggestions on which games you would like me to preview make sure to comment on the section below and follow @KumaZokuEnt if you haven’t already.

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