Hands on Review of Mr. Shifty

Have you ever wanted superpowers? Of course, you have in some form or another, but what would be the best superpowers to have? This has been an old school argument for a long time, but it seems the number one answer has been teleportation, well maybe mind control, but that’s another story. As Mr. Shifty you are a thief to infiltrate this building in order to obtain something pressure and shift through anything or anyone to reach that goal. Enjoy our review!

The game is pretty straight forward with a mix of complicated and simple. It is a nice balance and I couldn’t find anything negative to say about it. I found the enemies the right kind of difficult with a great amount of variety. The puzzles are the best part and I was surprised how quick I figured a few of them out. The times I did die came from my own impatience or some fatigue playing for a long period of time. As stated in the video, Mr. Shifty 5 paws out of 5.


I am going to get back on and try not to die so much though, see if I can get through a level with under 15 deaths. Okay, the max I reached was 25, but don’t you judge me! You play it and see how well you do, hell I encourage you to promote your best level time and deaths. I don’t mean post the ones that were a minimum challenge. I am being serious, show off if you can. – Beast Out


Final Verdic:





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