Nendoroid Mei Giveaway with Kiyo Cosplay

This is one of those moments where it is the best of both worlds happening right now! teamed up with Kiyo and her cosplay skills to do a lovely giveaway of one of our favorite Overwatch characters Mei. Here is where you raises your signs of “Mei is Bae” as you check out this cute figurine from Nendoroid.

OMG, She is so adorable, I am going to go crazy! Anyway, this nicely detailed chibi figurine could be yours during the Kiyo’s giveaway that started today and will end on April 25th, 2017. Keep in mind that it is also open internationally which opens the gates for many to get a chance to win.

I want to rename her “the Cuteness” for sure. So here are the rules and please pay attention, because I want you to have a good of a chance as anyone to win.

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4. Share this post with the hashtag #itsgonnabemei (remember to set the visibility to public!)

Just to be clear you with fine enthusiast, I have no affiliation with Miss Kiyo, but we are affiliated with hence why I am sharing this post. Also if you want you can purchase the Mei figurine on your own. Pre-orders for her are live as of right now which will retail for $39.99 with free shipping it. It will be released on May 17, 2017 so take advantage, hell it would be a nice gift for any Overwatch player.


Joining the Nendoroid family like Tracer previously did, Mei’s Classic Skin Edition will keep you cool in the heat of the battle! She comes with her fearsome Endothermic Blaster which you could attach an effect part as if she’s firing out the stream of frost, and that same effect part can be used on top of the included transparent sheet for when her Blizzard ultimate ability is ready! Snowball can be used attached to her portable cyrotank, on its own special stand for Mei to pat pat pat on it, or on top of the frost effect part for her ultimate! Mei also comes with an alternate smiling face plate to recreate her “Yaaaaay!” emote in-game. Be sure to use it to captureNendoroid Tracer in her Blizzard AOE! It’s nothing personal.

All right, now you know and knowing if half the battle to win this lovely figure (shameless G.I Joe reference). Now it is all up to you to give Mei a nice home in your collection. I wish you good luck and remember gamers, always get that payload moving! – Beast Out

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