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What is up gamers? You can consider this your breaking news report this time on the streaming front. Today Annie Berrones posted on the subscription program for This new program will benefit twitch partners in obtaining a steady income and give subscribers more perks for being a dedicated fan. You have to admit that those that have spent thousands on streaming equipment wanted to make a living out of playing video games. This new subscription option seems to be that means to make this a reliable income for those working hard out there for their channels. Also, since twitch has involved to other talents outside of gaming. This opens the doors for the creators as well.

We’re introducing two additional ways for communities to support their favorite partnered streamers: $9.99 and $24.99 subscriptions. These new subs allow you to support streamers you love, while Partners are able to reward their super fans with perks like special emotes. This program will be launching soon as an opt-in beta, so Partners can try it out and give us their feedback.

As expected there are mixed feelings about this new program.

Keep in mind that this is optional and there are those that do not mind supporting people. It is a thing these days with patreon, go fund me and of course the subscription button in a streaming service. I myself have supported a few people because those that work hard deserve that support. This feature will be in beta for certain partners and those said partners have the option to choose those subscribers that WANT to participate in the new service. Check out the features.

  • Send a custom message to the community upon first subscribing.
  • Access to additional emotes for $9.99 and $24.99 subs if provided by a Partner.
  • Help a Partner unlock new emotes faster, as $9.99 subs are worth two subscriber counts and $24.99 subs are worth six subscriber counts. Combined with our revamped emote tiers, this means new emotes will be rolling out for communities even quicker!
  • Participate in new $9.99 and $24.99 subscriber roles based on the Twitch App, if offered by a Partner.

Now, thanks to Lady Ar5enic going out her way to do some investigative reporting with some twitch partners on their views on the new policy.

“I am a big fan of the new Twitch Subscriber options because it will definitely benefit growing partnered streamers. What I like the most about the feature is that there are more options for the viewers to choose from. What I really want to stress though is, that I hope the viewers don’t feel guilty for subscribing with a “lower tier” subscription. Everyone that subscribes to a channel will or at least I hope will be treated equally regardless of cheer badge, sub-tier or even just a regular viewer that sits back and enjoys the show.”  – GrizzleBF

“I think any feature that gets added that gives more options to the viewer is a great thing. Also, I think it’s important to remember that some streamers have viewers that sub with multiple accounts, this will definitely make their lives easier. No viewer should feel obliged to sub at any amount and it’s down to the streamer to make all viewers feel equal.” –hadz

We also wanted some thoughts from subscribers as well and luckily someone has answered. I talked to some people in WithSteve’s twitch channel to get some viewers opinions.

“PRO: tiered subs plus perma emotes equals good. the rest neutral or worse. They should also open up the BITs program to ALL streamers, not just partners. it would be wayyyy better and they would remove all 3rd party donation junk. they keep all the “service fees”, and can leverage the AWS payment system.” – AltoidStrong

I found this answer interesting.

“As we build this program, our goal is to provide partnered streamers with a better way to earn a steady income and to give viewers more options to support streamers on Twitch. This includes long-requested features like the ability for a user to gift a channel subscription to another non-subbed user, which will be coming to Twitch later this year. We’re already working on it, and expect to start testing this within the next few months.”

Hmmm, gifting another non-subscription user a subscription to a channel. That is intriguing, because what trial will they implement with this gift? Will there be a three tier gift sub-feature? In the end, I think a gift option is a great way to go.

We are going to have to wait and see when the beta unleashes. At this time I am open to reading your thoughts on the new features. Are you all in, half way in or will pass? Share and be heard. – Beast Out


Source: Twitch Blog

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