Contra and Roboblitz Coming to Xbox One

The backward compatible hits keep coming and Xbox One is going strong with the latest additions to the retro list with Contra and Roboblitz. I know some of you already own a copy of either of these games on the Xbox 360, but you know what that means right? You just have to redownload it for free since it is already in your library, but for those select few you have the opportunity to grab these gems for yourself.

Contra: First appeared in 1987

This gem of a classic brought back so many memories of my cousins and I playing on the NES and me being a gaming noob at the time that could not put in the Konami code to get those 30 lives. This run and gun shooter was the icon co-op experience of that time and there was so much rage involved that you just had to continue.


Roboblitz: appeared in  Xbox 360 Arcade 2006

This one is new to me, I bypassed this game when it was released, but hey maybe some of you have this title and now can redownload it for yourself. All up to you in this case.

The best part about the deal is both games combined will go for ten bucks or just get one for $4.99. Hit up the marketplace and take a stroll down memory lane for a bit. Be sure to check out Major Nelson’s latest tweets to stay up to date on the latest Xbox One news. – Beast Out

Beast Gamer Kuma

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