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I am going to geek out right now because I miss the Saints Row series so much and now Volition has announced a new game that seems to be a spin-off to the series with Agents of Mayhem. For some that don’t know Saints Row started off as a serious gangsta open world sandbox game that evolved into a comedic parody with a National Lampoons style story and full customization with an awesome co-op feature. There seems to be another evolution of the franchise giving us a parody of the action genre. Let’s take a look at the latest trailer and there is gameplay!

Cue the action music! Cause open-world mayhem with a roster of 12 ludicrous characters in Agents of Mayhem, the new game from the creators of Saint’s Row releases August 15 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC!
It is like the A-Team got hit with some magic by Mel Brooks and we have Agents of Mayhem. I am looking forward to this title because the developers at Volition never failed at giving me a “Gaming” experience. What I mean by that is they break the boundaries and give us something creative and outside the box. This is going to be an interesting August indeed and be sure to check back as more information becomes available. – Beast Out
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