Dreadnought – First Impressions (PS4 – Closed Beta)

Hey there internutz, we’re bringing you my first impressions on Dreadnought; currently, in its Closed Beta Stages on PS4, this game is creme de la creme. However, you can download it meow for PC.

Developed by Greybox, in conjunction with Yager, and 6 Six Foot, using Unreal 4 game engine, comes this multiplayer spaceship shooter with fast driven action with an incredible story.

My mind was blown away from the beginning, it pulls you in with an amazing cinematic story, briefly explaining what is going on, but doesn’t give too much. It’s there for us to explore.

You can watch my first impressions in the video below.

Right off the bat, you get to create your own character. The customization for the pilot is vague, it would be great to see more options for our characters, perhaps in full release? We shall see. Nonetheless, there’s a lot of options to choose for your spaceship.

I like the fact that the game gives you a chance to familiarize with the controllers, it is slightly different from the multiplayer aspect, but not too drastic.

Overall, I really enjoyed this game, the concept behind it is amazing, a squad-based game that requires everyone in the team to do their part, you need healers, tanks, and DPS.

If you want to try it out for yourself, sign up for the PS4 Beta that is still active.

That’s all for meow, keep on rocking world!



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  • TwoLiterSoda

    Been playing the beta for a few days and I’m kinda up in the air on it. Sometimes it’s fun, other times it’s clunky and downright boring but it’s a beta so things can change. I’m hoping for the best as I can see greatness shine thru occasionally.

    • I figured it would have its ups and downs as a beta, but I am quite interested in the final release. I just hope they listen to the tester and are able to fix the problems.

  • Hvd

    this game still isnt out yet?i remember it being shown years ago?.i even remember they let twitch streamers play it.

    its just world of battleships in space and how long did that game last not very.

    • well this time it is coming to consoles, so see what happens.

      • Hvd

        it showed only ps4 not xbox all this game is is world of battleships in space it it will fail on console different kind of gamers there.

        fyi it will completely fail on the ps4 its not the type of game their fan base likes.

        • Barry Harden

          Hvd take your XBone superiority crap outta here.

          You know FULL well PS4 gamers are the most diverse. From shooters to RPG’s it is the reason why it’s sold 60 Million units across the world. Your pathetic XBone only managed a measly 25 Million units. No dev in their right mind would develop games on the XBone.

          • Hvd

            here comed the ponie defense force..lol.ill be out of here playing on the first REAL native console xbox scorpio.something the ps4 crap pro will never do.

            again your are not that bright the ps4 has SHIPPED 60m.at least that what sony has said.you cant believe anything sony says…8.4 tflops…lmao

            shipped isnt sold..

          • There is a simple thing called “Cause and effect” You attacked the idea of said post which made someone defend it. Opinions are fine, but there is some ignorance going on with your response dude. For one stop speaking for every gamer, you can’t possibly know what they feel or like. Its improbable. You are correct with shipping vs sold and as it stands PS4 is leading over the Xbox One for the most part of it catering to a lot of titles. But that doesn’t matter. So far as it shows there is a huge interest on the PS4 for Dreadnought and has some positive following. If you do not like it that is fine, but don’t assume HVD.

          • Hvd

            oh you are a ponie defender.cant wait for REAL native 4k on console that will be better then most gaming pc’s.

          • Barry Harden

            60 Million shipped for the PS4 is just a foregone conclusion. It’s still better than Micro$oft not releasing ANY sales figures for the XBone. They got something to hide? HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA

          • Hvd


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