Mega Man – Legacy Collection – Revisited

It’s been 20 years since the blue bomber hero, ROCKMAN a.k.a MEGA MAN debuted on the Nintendo Entertainment System. And to celebrate its Legacy, Capcom has released a collection of 6 classic games to the PlayStation 4, Xbox 1, Nintendo 3DS, and for iOs and Android as well. I know this came out a while back, but never had the chance to make a proper review, so here it is.

As soon as the game starts, you are reminded why the 8-bit era was such an amazing time to be alive, the visuals, the sounds, the gameplay, the stories… Just when video games started to be fun and have more than one screen, with multiple boss fights, and secrets.

With a flawless user interface, you can choose any of the 6 Mega Man and start playing the old fashion way in HD, 8-bits in 4k resolution if you own a TV. Although some settings are required to make it look like NES. For old school players like me.

In the year 200X, robots developed to assist mankind are commonplace thanks to the efforts of renowned robot designer Dr. Light. However, one day these robots go out of control and start attacking the populace, among them six advanced humanoid robots made by Dr. Light for industrial purposes: Cut Man, Guts Man, Ice Man, Bomb Man, Fire Man, and Elec Man. He realizes the culprit is his old rival Dr. Wily (who plots to take over the world) but is unsure of what to do. His helper robot Rock, having a strong sense of justice, offers to be converted into a fighting robot to stop Dr. Wily’s plan, becoming Mega Man.

Mega Man can be a difficult experience, they really nailed the controls, and the overall feel of the game, it feels and plays like an NES, but these games aren’t easy, all you have to remember is the pattern the enemies take, lots of trial and error, mastering repetition is key. While recording the footage for the review, you can clearly see how lame my reflexes were, but by the end of the first one, I had my reflexes sharpened, so trust me, it won’t be that difficult for you to conquer the remaining five.

There is a challenge mode with tons of mini games, all included in the collection. That’s more hours of content, for you to continue…

Also, a music selector for all the games. Here you can have a preview of all the music content:

If you own a PS4, the legacy collection is available for $5.99 (Limited time), regular price is $14.99 on all Consoles, Mobile is $9.99.

Thanks to Digital Eclipse and Capcom for putting this legacy together so everyone can enjoy once more!

I highly recommend buying it for any of the Consoles, but, my favorite is having it on the Nintendo 3DS, since it can be portable, but, on a home console, gave me a different feeling, I don’t know, something about playing it on a television, took me back to the good old days.

Keep on rocking world!

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