Target, Loot and Equip: the Surge

New update came out today for The Surge. As I watched this video I couldn’t help but think about the Riddick movie famous quote, “you keep what you kill!”. The Surge is the new post apocalyptic title giving gamers an experience in upgrading your own character with specific body parts you dismember from your enemies. Let’s take a closer look at the video below.

this goes deeper in-depth showing the players how to improve your warrior. As you get into each combat scenario you will target a particular limb and in brutal fashion, remove the highlighted body part and equip it as your own. In this way you will be better prepared to take on tougher enemies as you progress to handle an area boss or the final boss in each level. Now that makes me wonder when in a previous video where you fight a huge mech. What exactly do you take from that guy?

Balancing risk and reward is core to succeeding in The Surge, and bold players can walk away from a fight with amazing rewards. The toughest enemies drop the most powerful weapons and armor, so if you see a piece of equipment you like, you’ll need to fight hard for it―or die trying.

The Surge will be released on May 16th, 2017 and it is looking impressive during each gameplay video. You have to give props to developers that are not shy at showing you what you are getting into. Pre-orders are available right now. – Beast Out

Beast Gamer Kuma

Beast Gamer Kuma

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Beast Gamer Kuma
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