Uncharted – The Lost Legacy DLC

What’s going on internutz, and oh boy! We are getting an Uncharted DLC August 22nd, 2017!! Free if you own a copy of Uncharted 4 or sold as a stand-alone.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy will follow Chloe Frazer, with a Nadine Ross, which we saw in the closing series of Nathan Drake. Follow the hyperlink below if you want to spoil yourselves with 9 min gameplay.

What I will do, however, is watch over and over again the most recent trailer.


I wonder if this will tie in with Uncharted 4? I will be doing a first impression/play through about it, so make sure to come back this summer for all new adventures.

Keep on rocking world!

This is minddust_1792 signing off.




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