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Greetings gamers all! Springtime is finally upon us on this beautiful day in NYC, and over the weekend it was filled with gaming, news, previews and a slight video game hangover! There should be a tonic for that sort of thing, I kid you not. Anyway, this weekend was full of reveals, harsh climates, and upcoming excitement. This is not going to be too long because I know you are out there conquering the latest titles and storming those castles.

First Good news today is the Catwoman Reveal for Injustice 2.

(laughs) Did they just give her a Trinity from the Matrix finishing move? This kitty looking too pretty as a playable character and I dig it. Now she is generation 1 Injustice and I am hoping for some improvements from the first time she was in the game. Definitely, check out Shadowjin’s post on the beta!

The “Age of Triumph” retirement.

Sadly I will be hanging up my titan helmet and not joining the last expansion to Destiny. Last week “Age of Triumph” DLC was released giving players new armor, weapons and new modes for the raids. In my timing, I really do not have the leisure to get into it or a steady crew to raid with since I am now on the Xbox One. If I had my PS4 again I would probably be all over that. It is not all bad I will be better prepared for Destiny 2. I was late coming into Destiny and in my opinion, when it comes to an MMO with PVP, it is wise to start from the jump and hopefully find a crew to be steady with. I would hope that destiny 2 will change up the matchmaking options where you are not dedicated to squatting up. If it is for raids I would expect you to get people you are familiar playing with, but night falls and other missions, they should leave it open.

Speaking of Destiny 2, a new trailer!

Now before you milk your undies, it is just a trailer and not showing any gameplay, but supposedly we shall see gameplay on May 18th, 2017. Until then my geekgasm enthusiasm will be on hold.

Time to Burn some Muscle!

Kikee is back with a King of Fighters XIV update showing off Rock Howard. It seems that four is the main number for this April’s DLC in this SNK Fighter that features Whipp, Vanessa, and Yamazaki. Prepare for Kikee to show off her skills on a live stream soon.

Bulletstorm is Coming Back Baby! 

Oh, my excitement for this games return is over 9000. Yes, I know some of you may recall my distaste for remastered titles, but if you paid attention I was talking about titles that didn’t really change much costing so much. A remastered title needs to be like a director’s cut or an unrated version for me to rebuy it. Another case that I will rebuy a game is if I have not had it in a while and wanted to play it again on a new console like Primal on the PS3 or Blood Rayne series. There is a discount going on right now to get the Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition for $50.99 and of course featuring Duke Nukem as a playable character which will be a step up for him in this game. Looking forward to that.

Xbox One Update and Pass Info.

Beam support is finally on the Xbox One. What is beam you ask? Well, it is a streaming service that is backed by Microsoft which features some points systems, lab mechanics and an easy interface with hosting and sharing. The downside is the phone app which needs some upgrades and some fixes. There is also a new dashboard interface that makes things a bit more simplier for your pins and home directory. Also, the Xbox Pass is coming out sometimes in spring so either this Month in April or May, possibly early June. There will be over a hundred games to download for this ten dollars a month service, which I am looking forward to checking out.

Stay tuned for more weekly updates and soon a podcast is happening for the site, but make sure to add your email to the subscription box to the right. I thank you all for visiting us and see you next time. – Beast Out


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Beast Gamer Kuma
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