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Not going to miss lead you my fellow gamers and readers with this post. All I received was a message from Ubisoft about the announcement of The Crew 2 which will be showcased at this years E3 2017. I myself have a love/hate relationship with The Crew because as an open world racing Car Role Playing Game or CarPG as they called was not perfect in many aspects. But let’s take a look at what was in the first game and how it should be changed in the sequel.

What was Good?


The crew was intriguing being that it is was the first racing game coming from Ubisoft and was shocked at the opportunity of the developers giving out beta’s for us to try out. There were promises of being able to custom any and all cars to fit street, racing and off-road. Being able to travel all over the United States was a great experience to an extent and some story missions were nice to get into. The cool way you can swap parts on the cars was a fun animation to look at and gave me a deeper understanding in building or retweaking my cars. The police activity was the best part of the game giving us the right level of chase and difficulty.

Any racing game that gives you a nice view into the cockpit of your car to view your passenger and your whole interior. There were stunt challenges and looking for hidden vehicles that you have access too with a radar, as well as finding satellite areas to get a better map of said area are all good.

What Went Wrong?


Sadly, the promises were just empty in certain cases. There was customization but to a limit to certain vehicles. It is a fantasy world so I figured it would not be a problem, but when I unlocked my 1967 GT 500, I could not make it off-road at all. Do not make a gamer a promise of being able to have full control and do not deliver! The story itself was a bit bland and predictable. In my personal feelings, I am tired of a male protagonist, but before you get all uppity. Blame movies like fast and furious that show me Letty who I feel would make a kick ass protagonist in a racing game. I have a thing for female racers out there and I am quite curious what a racing game with a lead female role would be like.

Now, one of my gaming buddies HumanCells stated something important about the car physics and what is up with that weird catch up feature? You know when you have a 15-second to a minute lead (That is a lot in the racing world) and all of a sudden your A.I opponent kicks in the ludicrous speed button to be right on you or pass you.

I could address how the cities were a bit tweaked to fit a racing world like Coney Island where you can drive straight to the beach having a street close by where the shops should be and the boardwalk. That bothered me a little bit, but make sense in the gaming universe.

What do we Expect?


Being that this was your first attempt at a racing game, it wasn’t too bad. I played on the PC with my other colleagues, but my friends on console had many other problems that I somewhat noticed but didn’t last long. I would definitely address about the servers crashing constantly being in an open world with no players or unable to join up with friends. Give us full customization ability and keep the bikes because they were interesting to race with, however, they need to be tweaked as much as the cars do. I mean if I want to switch a Ducati from a street bike to a dirt bike I damn well better get the option.

I am assuming that the story will be a continuation of the first, but if they go another route, read the previous request. However, I agree with my fellow racers, if the racing is not great than the story will come second. Fix the driving physics and if you are going to scare us into going to the garage to make repairs then keep that. I have never used the garage for repairs since the car will self-repair at the end of each race. I believed that the damage was going to be permanent and I had to rush before it exploded or something, but I did notice that the body damage would morph back to normal. You gave us a supercar with the mutant ability of self-healing.

I initially gave the game a 4.5 out of 5 back in 2014 when it was released, I stated it was their first try so I gave it an approval. Besides, I did have a lot of fun with the people I played with. I loved the fact that my friends can help me when I am being chased by the cops and become my blocker with a truck or another vehicle taking the heat off of me. There is a lot of potential with The Crew and as E3 comes closer I am hoping Ubisoft and the developers at Ivory Tower learned from their first game and wow us. There are not a lot of street racing games with that sense of attitude like Need For Speed for example, so I hope you bring your A game! – Beast Out

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