Beam Becomes Mixer

Well, that was a shocker and to be honest I did like the old name better, but beam is now known as Mixer. I will admit it I do get why it is called that which is a nice word usage for different streamers that have different taste in games “mixing it up”. Now being that I used Beam now known as Mixer for a long time, I was curious as to the changes being implemented in the new platform. Let’s take a look at the video.

Some of the things that were offered with the service has been fun with the point system that you are rewarded with streaming and watching other streamers. The easy interface to make your own stream teams and of course the famed latency while streaming which knocks it down to 1-2 seconds. However, since there are some gamers that are known to “stream snipe” which is annoying when you don’t have that latency in your streams. In that I rather have the delay especially when playing in competitive FPS matches, don’t need the opponent or a viewer to give off my position.

Now the cool part of the new service is the co-op streaming where up to four streamers can show different view points in one stream. This is a great opportunity for stream teams that are either playing an FPS like Battlefield 1, racing or fighting game Open world game like GTA V to show their own perspective to keep everyone with them individually as a passenger. Now keep in mind that they don’t need to be playing the same game for this feature to work, it is just added to help individuals that watch multiple people all in one screen instead of different windows or use a separate app.

Mixer Create is also being introduced today for free which is still in beta, so keep that in mind. It will support self broadcasting for Android and iOS. Also, the creative team plans to introduce ways to stream mobile games in the future, so stay posted and hope you enjoy MIXER. I love that they will be introducing to viewers a 4K stream where they will be setting off fireworks and as the viewer you have enough sparks (points I mentioned) will be able to choose which fireworks they will set off. That beings at 9pm pacific. Thanks for checking out the post and start your Mixer adventure today. – Beast Out

Beast Gamer Kuma

Beast Gamer Kuma

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  • Dexter Lopez

    Wow, big changes. That reminds me to update my beam, I mean mixer, page and check out the new features

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