BF1 In the Name of the Tsar Announced

Oh my fellow gamers, we are getting so close to E3 2017 that the digital information is just getting louder. Today Battlefield on twitter just let out a nice wallpaper image of the latest DLC that will be talked more about at EA Play in June called In the Name of the Tsar which if you know your history will introduce Russia to the fight. Thanks to my fellow field reporter Lady Ar5enic who gathered this intel through all the sea of ignorance because of the image of a female soldier. We are going to through in some history folks.

So the new Battlefield 1 DLC is going to be interesting because this is the first time Battlefield is introducing a Female Soldier that gamers will be able to play as in Multiplayer not just the single player campaign. Now thanks to a video game I had to go deep into history to find out for myself since I do know there was an all-female squadron in WWII called the Night Witches. Being that when doing these games I do enjoy developers that bring history into their art and using it for their games and look what I found. They were called 1st Russian Women’s Battalion of Death which was made in 1917 and that was just the beginning. Now that EA DICE has revealed just an image of what looks to be a bald female soldier. The comments are a bit hilarious and really shines a light on the ignorance. 


Honestly, what are you crying about? So what if the developers think outside the box and get creative to add new features.

Let’s be for real gamers or rather let’s be reasonable here, all you saw was a picture and yes it is confirmed that there will be the 1St woman death battalion in the DLC that will be featured later in the summer. But on June 10th, 2017 during EA Play we shall get an in-depth look at the new In the name of the Tsar content. So for you select few open that closed mind of yours and wait to see more! – Beast Out

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