Breaker Release on Dreamcast?

I was shocked to get an email about a new release on a Dreamcast game which had me look at my calendar as well as freaking me out that I may have Quantum Leaped back in time. The new game Breakers has a classic 2D fighting game which was originally released in 1997 is up for pre-order on It is time to dust off the Dreamcast it seems.

Breakers is a good, polished yet generic, mid-tier 90’s ‘beat-em up’ and represents something of a leap over the contemporary 16-bit fighters of the time. Huge sprites, great animated backgrounds (which feature characters who actually react to the fights going on in front of them), consistent frame rate, great music and effects makes Breakers a real treat for the senses. Breakers arrives on Dreamcast with a full feature set. Game modes, options and roster are all intact. Visually the Dreamcast port of Breakers is also good.

Who else loves a polished released fighting game? Honestly this is for collectors that still hold a Sega Dreamcast in their household, but in actuallity this can be ported as a digital release which I hope it is in the works like the Neo-Geo classics released on the Xbox One. If you are a collector pre-order is aviable right now. Breakers will retails for $39.99 which is standard for a physical copy.

Drawing closer to EVO 2017and I hope to see you all there. Definitely check back as we may take a look at Breakers for a review. – Beast Out

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