Destiny 2 has Players Regaining Their Light

Today was the reveal of Destiny 2 world premiere and it is looking like we are going to have to go out and get vengeance as this new foe has not only taken our home but has stripped us of our powers! There is a new threat and even though some may feel that the story has been done before, it is more about how fun they make it with us gamers.

There is a lot to cover considering the change in the game style where now we have to retrieve new powers like a new season of power rangers after losing said powers to a new villain. The light is now captured and as guardians, we have to relearn everything all over again. I don’t mind that story style which is way better than having a sequel where we start a new game with no reason on why my character should be under powered with no reason. At least Bungie gave us chaos in the beginning which will be a fun experience to fight through.

Now what I wanted to hear from was from gamers that played the previous game and saw the reveal to share their thoughts.

That whole clan thing is nice. But they can’t use that to sell the game. People already make clan pages on FB and other sites with names and logos. It’s just an added feature. I don’t care much for the 4v4. When I like big team battles especially in halo. I very much appreciate the open world map now. Cuz going to orbit to go back to the same planet was horrible. Still no news on vault space. I need to check out the beta to understand the weapon and class slot system. Since I was watching at work I wasn’t paying full attention. I like that the clan we get stuff for those who play but at the same time don’t. Cuz if I’m putting in hard work and someone doesn’t play as much gets good shit. (Yea I know people don’t have time to play and they try when they can. But then there’s the lazy bunch). Just a few of my thoughts on it all. – RubyFoxhound

I tend to agree that it is tiring when you put in all those hours, grinding and of course carrying only to be rewarded with crap and that person that didn’t put in work gets the huge pot. Not expecting that to change at first, but there are games that reward those that put in work vs. those that stay back. I highly doubt there is much that can be done since that is in many MMO games still til this day!

Now on a personal point, I am a Titan and I do like the new powers that they showcased including the new Sentinel class with a shield. It is a bit Captain America, but usually, what is popular and cool is implemented into other art forms. The developer’s touch base on eliminating orbit trips to an extent where you can just travel to through the same area. That is a nice touch and I like the added addition of treasure hunting with the challenge of boss battles.

There are a lot of good things, but in the end, Bungie promised a lot before and failed a bit short, so we shall see what happens when they issue a beta release. That way we can get a closer look at how the game plays which is a key factor to me. September 8th is the official release date and with E3 2017 coming next month we should expect more detailed information. I for one am looking forward to it, but now the decision is what system will I obtain it for? – Beast Out

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