Drifting Lands Reveal

It has been a while since I played a Shmup (Shoot’em Up). I had many experiences with different types and some having unique play styles, but to me, nothing will ever top R-type or SNK’s 1945. This time around from developer Alkemi comes Drifting Lands which is an Action Role-playing Game Shoot’em Up. We have a trailer for you to check out naturally.

In the skies of a shattered planet, totalitarian corporations battle to control and exploit nature’s remaining resources, but you are not like them. As a new member in a caravan of outlaws, smugglers, and mercenaries, you fight for the right to survive and be free. As a pilot, you need a ship made to your specifications and style, whether you prefer a strong defense before unleashing a wave of heavy artillery, deftly buzzing enemy fire to move in for the kill, or something altogether unique. Choose from three classes of ships, customize your arsenal with 60 different types of skills, upgrade your stats, and use the gear looted from battle to build the ship that’s right for you.

Being that the game is inspired by other ARPG’s of Diablo and Torchlight gives this an interesting take. You will have access to customize your ship and play style to give you specific advantages as you venture shooting your way to the goal. Drifting lands will be the Shmup to stand out from your normal titles with over 60 different type of skills, upgrading your stats and looting gear from previous combat missions.

Drifting Lands will be released on the Steam Marketplace for both Windows PC and Mac OSX on June 5th, 2017. Stay tuned for future post and other details as they develop. – Beast Out

Beast Gamer Kuma

Beast Gamer Kuma

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Beast Gamer Kuma
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