Flashback Gaming: Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams

There are times where you miss out on some video games there are gems. I myself am flooded with different titles to play and sadly there will be some that I miss. This month’s Games with Gold from Xbox One released a game title that I have not seen since the Commodore 64. Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams: Directors Cut was gifted to all gold members made by Black Forest Games.

Your world goes upside down as you are teleported into this world where it starts off as one of you being eaten and I would think that alone would drive anyone crazy. Under the capture of Gurglewocky it is up to Giana who is a teen at this point to go through a transformation in order to save her sister from this dream world. It is up to her to use the power that she has harnessed from the dreamworld by changing from cute to punk at will.


Giana Sisters twisted Dreams Directors Cut is your typical platformer with a unique twist that stands out from the rest. This game evolved so much from the commodore 64 days where it looked like a Mario Bros. clone. I like the fluid controls in changing Giana from cute to punk on the fly and how it changes your abilities. In the cute form you have the ability to twirl for a slow decent and in the punk form, you have a fire roll ability that can bash through objects or gain altitude. The best thing is when you need to switch between the two on the fly it keeps the ability going at least in the cute twirl to punk form.

This game makes you think on your feet as you collect jewels to unlock secrets, but you will have to be quick to switch between personalities to collect certain color coded gems. The less you die during a level the more you are rewarded.


I am floored how beautiful this game is even though it was released back in 2009. The fact that when you switch between the two personalities flips the idea of what each should see is outstanding. As the Punk Giana you are in a happy beautiful world made of beautiful colors and dazzling cute, but dangerous creatures. On the other side with Cute Giana she is in a Tim Burton type nightmare world with everything looks dead and the enemies are goblin-like. Both worlds are enjoyable to look at while the cute world gives you too much of a safe feeling not knowing which things could kill you vs. the other gruesome world where you are more cautious and yet I felt safer.

There is a beautiful art gallery for you to check out as well as you unlock more art or discover secrets.

The Bad:

Not much can be said negatively about Giana Sisters because it is a flawless platformer. It cuts right to the chase without a drowned out story or much dialogue. It teaches you while you play which is always amazing in any video game. It captures you where you pass the time not knowing how long you have played or kind of just forget and get caught up in the moments.


Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams: Directors Cut was a great choice to give away for free with this months Gaming with Gold. Outside of having gold the game goes for $14.99 which is not too bad with what you get. Sound design is well appreciated especially when switching between dimensions and the visuals all around are gorgeous. There is a different version called Dream Runners where you can play a four player mode which brings an all new style. In that, I give this title a solid 5 paws out of 5. Gives a nostalgic tone for everyone to jump in and enjoy, the controls are easy to get into and gives a nice challenge in puzzles. You can also challenge yourself by going back to searching for all the gems or having fewer deaths. Definitely a fun game to stream as well.

if you are not a Xbox Gold member be sure to join in on the fun in order to play online and to get some of these sweet games each month. No, we are not sponsored by Xbox, but honestly, they have great deals on a lot of titles and great features. I hope to see you next time and a special shout out to Golden_Eagle our sponsor at Gamers Community for the support. – Beast Out





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