Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 Update

Hey guys. I’m back with a quick news update on a game that has me yapping to everyone and their mama about how amazing it is. A game whose creator I had the luxury of meeting and will forever be apart of my life’s highlight reel. That game is no other than Guilty Gear Xrd! If you’re behind on you Xrd installments then you better get a move on. Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator has just updated to Xrd Revelator 2, so what is there to expect this time around? A few updates. New levels songs to the OST story add on etc. But what everyone’s really here for are the 2 new characters added to the roster Baiken and Answer!

Now I was lucky enough to cop the demo and got to play this a week ago. If you’re looking for a character that you can pick up the controller, go in blind and potentially come out on top with, Baiken is definitely the one for you! She does pretty good damage and her basic combos are user-friendly. If you’re looking for a character that requires more time in the training room than the Lobby, Answer will be your go to fighter,  unlike Baiken I couldn’t go in and smash my control to oblivion to get a win.  Since I went in totally blind I recorded my scrubbery just for your viewing pleasure. If you’d like to see a scrub in her true form click the vid below!

Kuma stepping in as player 2 for a bit. Now that Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 is finally out, we took the time to take a deeper look at some of the game. There is not much, so this will be short. As many of you know that we have asked for an animated series of Guilty Gear for the longest time since it has such a captivating story and we did as part of the game which I will admit I thought I was playing a story mode. The best part is that you can save your place as before, but in Xrd Rev 2 this is the continuation of the first part of the story.

There are two new characters as Kikee has stated as well as new stages, motions and move sets. There are also rebalancing of each fighter, but keep in mind that even though the physical and digital copies will go for $39.99, a simple upgrade will go for $20.00. If you have the game already you get the option to upgrade. I don’t remember this extra feature of fishing for items with a cute little avatar in the first game, but it is an interesting addition to use that currency you obtain during matches. I will give the controller back to Kikee so she can close out the battle.

So if you’ve got an extra $, a PS4, and a love for fighting games I suggest you pick up the latest installation of Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator, Revelator 2! For all, you loyal Kzoku followers stay tuned for me vs the Big Boss himself squaring up in GG Xrd Rev 2 this title via and Mixer streaming services. We are going to burn some muscle!

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  • 26 characters ….really UGH
    ok i have not touched the series since the ISUKA scenario , but is it asking too much for them to atleast try a TEKKEN level fighting engine * it would be a kick in the teeth to the creator of SF VS TEKKEN since we were robbed of the second half of the saga >>*
    as far as the review is concerned, its good to see they atleast held on to the music,
    the only thing i could have asked is what the difference is between these two and the original XRD roster as far as adaptability *ie are they easy out of the box or do you need to practice to get them right , instead of being a button basher*

    i have to say as a fan of the g1 , g2 games i am mad as hell cus they got rid of the HEAVEN OR HELL announcement , ill get this around xmas cus i know they are gonna milk us more with DLC and the only game i wasted DLC cash on was warframe *1oo bucks * .

    great review kikee
    out of 5 ,ill have to rate the review a solid 4 * and hide the sunkist *

    • Well it is stated that difference between the two are the balancing of the characters and it does give you the option to use technical or simple controls when playing. There is also an option when you pick the character to change your button schemes, I don’t remember that from Xrd 1 but it is just pretty much an additional add on to the first game.

  • Firas Momani

    Do you know if the upgrade will have all the DLC characters? I have GGXR but no additional characters.

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