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What’s up fellow gamers! ShadowJin here and today I’m giving you the review of one of the most anticipated fighting games of the year. That’s right I’m talking about Injustice 2! This is the sequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us which came out back in April of 2013. For those who don’t know the story is loosely based on the events of the DC comic with the same title Injustice. Superman gets drugged by The Joker which causes him to see Louis as Doomsday. The worst part is there’s a nuclear bomb linked to her heart in Metropolis. Unfortunately, Superman realizes this when it’s too late.

Superman inadvertently kills Louis and their unborn child. This sends Superman into a downward spiral and he kills The Joker. With this being done Batman and Superman are odds which, causes the Justice League to choose sides. Superman becomes a world tyrant, killing those he see fit to die just to ensure the people’s safety. The ending of the first Injustice leaves us off with Superman being locked up in a cell with Red Kryptonite to pull out his powers.

Injustice 2 not only picks where the story leaves off but, it gives the fans much more this time around. There’s an amazingly good story mode to play through, gear to collect to outfit your favorite heroes and villains, a new mode called the Multiverse, and as well as a wide range of characters to pick and play with cool abilities that make the gameplay that much more interesting.

The gear system is one of the most interesting things about Injustice 2 and gives it a few RPG elements. The gear you get not only changes your character cosmetically but, also adds attributes to your character. You’ll unlock gear randomly throughout fights and opening Mother Boxes(which I’ll get into in a bit.) There are three different types of gear you can get and those are Common gear, Rare gear, and Epic gear. These gears vary from armor, shaders(color scheme), and abilities. However, some of the gear you get will require that character to be at a certain level in order to wear it. The gear you get can enhance your attributes(health, strength, ability, power, agility) and can also multiply the EXP you gain. Some of them also do certain things in different modes such as The Multiverse.

The Multiverse is a brand new mode that gives players new challenges and ways to collect Mother Boxes which give you random gear. In the Multiverse, there are infinite universes that going through chaos. As the player it’s your duty to take care and handle these problems. There’s a lot of surprises to be found playing through this mode. The best is that these worlds have timers on them letting you know how long you have till it disappears from your sights. With that being said you’ll have new universes with new challenges and objectives every day or every hour. Did I mention that some of these universes sometimes have modifications like the fighting upside down, random bombs falling and tons more! The possibilities are infinite!

The roster in Injustice this time around has both characters returning from the first Injustice like Batman, The Flash, and Green Arrow. As well as new characters like Cheetah, Scarecrow, Dr.Fate and much more. Every character has a genuine reaction to each character during the intros to the fight and when they clash. Which I find really cool. Each of these characters add depth to the gameplay, leaving room for new combos and strategies to be thought of. Those that are veterans of the first Injustice will find the controls to be exactly the same which consist of a light attack, medium attack, heavy attack and the character trait.

When it all comes together you get this amazing game that’ll have you satisfied and thanking NetherRealm Studios for such an awesome and in depth game. I can’t wait to see what the competitive scene is going to be like for Injustice 2. By the way, if you’re looking to get in on all the action in the competitive scene, NetherRealm Studios has announced a bunch of Injustice 2 Tournaments that locals can compete in. To check out when these are happening and how you can compete, check it out on the Injustice website.

Think you have it take to be the best hero or villain? Pick up a copy of Injustice 2 and test yourself.

ShadowJin closing out and remember fellow gamers…… GAME ON!

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