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Sup gamers and welcome to our first impression of the first hour into Prey which the demo is available for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. I have not played Prey since the Xbox 360 days and was waiting for a sequel until it was scrapped. It seemed Human Head Studios were going into a new direction at the time with you as a bounty hunter. It has been years and now Bethesda this time with Arkane Studios is taking another shot at the Prey title with a reboot.

Aliens have taken over the space station, and only you can stop them. Or, make that Yu. As Morgan Yu, you’ll be mankind’s only hope to stop the Typhon threat from destroying humanity.
Prey is the latest game from Arkane Studios, the team behind the multi-award-winning Dishonored series. Watch the latest trailer to get a deeper look at the Typhon aliens, Morgan’s unique powers and weapons, and the Talos I space station itself.

So to start things off this game has its creepy and cool elements where it is cool with the visuals and controls, but gets creepy quite fast when you realized your reality is not your own. From the start of this demo, you get to choose between a Male or Female protagonist. Being that this is a Bethesda style game working with Arkane Studios they are giving us an open Space Station style of game environment where we can go anywhere and make choices to move the story in a certain path. We do have a special guest player Minddust_1792 with his own Reaction video.

This version of Prey reminds me a bit of FEAR and the menu styles of Deus Ex a bit where you get Neuro Mods and how you shift your inventory slot for space. I did have some input problems when trying to use my health pack and ended up using two by accident. My health was already filled and yet it used it anyway which I do not like. I know it is on me, but when an accident like that happens it should give a “Nope” indicator in red like other games.

I would like to add that I miss this style of what developers do for gamers. Give us a chance to try out the game ahead of time which I am seeing an abundance of demos being issued out lately. Shows you are standing by your product and not afraid to let us give it a chance.  Thank you for trusting us. Prey will be out on May 5th, 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. Try out the demo now on consoles. – Beast Out

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