The King of Fighters 98 Mobile Game Review

This is my very first mobile game review and it is just justified since I downloaded it a few days ago and have not stopped playing. The King of Fighters ’98: Ultimate Match Online is the new mobile game featuring the famed SNK fighters. I saw the advertising for it on Instagram and I got curious because I am using an outdated android with not a lot of internal space, but surprising enough this app game doesn’t take up much space.

There should be many of you that have played the famed fighter in the arcades or on your home console. The mobile game caters to the same genre but in the tab variety. I start the game off with a free fighter Kyo and as I progressed I unlocked more fighters like Yuri, Athena, and Kim. Later on, I unlocked Joe, Mai and Goro to complete my set of six fighters. You will be able to unlock more as you go through the campaigns as well as items, experience drinks, and gems.

The gameplay is all touch based like many fighters. How it works is you tap the portrait of any fighter on your team to attack the opposing them. This is turned based RPG fighter, but here is where things get a bit tricky. It is a rhythm you need to follow to get that perfect combo as you hit the screen or portrait of the fighter you want to go next in the onslaught against another the enemy. Now once your power gauge is full you can swipe up on the portrait to initiate a super move.

The key is to obtain a three-star rating and keeping your whole team alive if possible. The more stars you obtain during the campaign, the more chest you unlock and the more you unlock the better for you to level up. It seems this week they are giving away a lot of goodies to gamers since I started playing Tuesday. I finally bought something from the app store to progress to obtain Mai and that was the only time and it was a 4.99 diamond buy, not too bad. The best part was being rewarded when I unlocked some characters for free and the one that I brought.

Certain things stay locked until you reach a certain level, especially the in-game chat room or other mini games like a survival mode where you go up an elevator taking on tougher enemies as you rise. I made it to floor 21 before all my team members were down. Now going back in it rewarded me since I did so well to skip to the area I last was or just go through the floors and gain more points.

Since all the characters are in cute chibi form I find that to be fun, especially the little animations that happen with each. To jump right in is pretty easy, and learning how to level up is not tasking. There is an auto fight feature that you can manually activate or it will do it on its own if you are idle for too long.

I am a bit worried that I will end up at a wall where I will need to start coughing up funds to progress, but so far everything seems to be self-unlocked outside of getting certain characters. There are a slew of mini-games to obtain more gold and daily sign in bonus each day which is a nice drive for you to keep playing.

If you are a fighting games enthusiast and would like a cute RPG turned base fighter I highly recommend The King of Fighters ’98: Ultimate Match Online. Check it out for free available now in the google play store.

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Speaking of fighters I just obtained one on today’s release day so be sure to check back for that review coming soon. – Beast Out


Final Verdict: 4 paws

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