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Disclaimer: The following post has some graphic violence and horrific scenario. Please take caution.

Horror games are the topic and I have to say a special shout out to VulpixVixenKelz and Lady Ar5enic for the inspiration for this topic. I have had a love/hate relationship with horror games of all genres for a long time. I do have my favorites, but for the survival horror genre, I really loathe them the most not because they are too scary. It is that the logic in my brain kills the mood after a while. I did have fun with Five Nights at Freddies, even though I would not return the next day for a day two. Before I dive any further here is a video sharing my thoughts.

I do have another resident horror enthusiast Iselynne who reviewed The Evil Within which she enjoyed, but I could not maintain my fear or intrigue for too long. I am just like any person that will be scared for the first minute and start catching myself understanding the situation and starts turning the tables. I think the best experience I ever had in any horror game is when the co-op is involved because sharing the experience with your friends is freaking hilarious. I would say this experience started with Left 4 Dead series on the Xbox 360.

There is nothing more hilarious being a noob, leaving your group behind because you hear a woman crying only to have a freaky encounter with “the witch”. That had to be the funniest moment and I wish I had video footage to share, but that was so long ago and those files are lost. Either way games like F.E.A.R where it gives you a military FPS, but takes you into a hellish scenario was enjoyable in many ways. Even with all the guns and tactics you still have to survive your way to the end and uncover the hidden truth which was all done well.

Lastly, I think one of the most iconic horror games I have played was “The Suffering” which was a nice twist that was a 3rd person Deathrow horror adventure. You play an inmate you is convicted of murdering his family, but things take an interesting turn as the prison gets put into a nightmare hell scenario like Evil Dead. You yourself are not helpless though being able to grab weapons and perform some deadly kills. Also the added bonus of turning into a monster yourself, but it left you questioning was this all in his head or was this truly demonic?

In the end, I just had to share a bit of my experience with the genre and I want to open up the discussion to others. What was your first horror game? What is your favorite style of a horror game? Be sure to check back soon when Arsenic comes at you with her review of Outlast 2 on the PlayStation 4. Also be sure to drop your e-mail in the subscription box on the top right to stay up to date on future post. – Beast Out

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  • Lady Arsenic (BLaZeD MaNiAc)

    Omg that last clip priceless! I remember we were doing the new stuff in dying light was first time I ever did it also, and I’m like damn you went in there alone, and Boom zombie lmao…

    I’m a fan of almost anything gory, creepy, jump scares you name it. I like the defenseless ones with the chase feel because being chased defenseless is one of the things that really get me on edge, and have the tendency to actually scare me in ways. Most the time other games like dying light/dead island I love for totally different reasons, however most the time they do not scare me. I’m just a fan of the creepy, gory, screw up natural of horror, between movies and video games 🙂

    • I wish I could get into it the way you do, but I get so bored after a while and my logic starts kicking in where I can’t relate to the character or join the fun of being helpless. But yea fun times in Dying Light indeed lol.

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