Extinction Gameplay E3 Footage

The content continues and now finally get a closer look at Extinction and even though it is still in Pre-Alpha we needed an idea of what to expect!

The world of Extinction is vibrant and lush, but it’s under siege by a massive army of otherworldly invaders called the Ravenii. The main protagonist, Avil, is one of the last of the legendary order of Sentinels – warriors who are equipped with the skills and tools necessary to take down these fearsome foes. His ultimate goal is to save as much of humanity as possible, by helping civilians escape their imminent doom.

Extinction’s gameplay is fast, fluid, and emphasizes high-speed traversal around the environment. Avil can dash in any direction, run horizontally and vertically along surfaces, cling to walls, pull himself up ledges, and traverse the environment with his whip. He can run on virtually anything, including buildings, mountainsides, and even all over his colossal foes.

It seems we are going to be giant killers while facing off against minions on the ground floor. The idea that you are a sentinel intrigues me which I hope we dive deeper into that portion of the story. Obviously, you have immense power to move around with ease, jump and cut down towering orcs. It is a great combat system from the looks which seems to escalate in the challenge as you progress having to find the best way to topple each ORC.

Combat in Extinction requires skillfully combining Avil’s wide arsenal of attacks with his extremely high mobility in order to take down the Ravenii and their minions. He can chain attacks together in a variety of ways, as well as cancel his attacks into powerful Rune Strikes (and even dodges). His momentum builds up as he kills minions, dismembers ogres, saves civilians, and completes other objectives. This makes him more powerful, and gives him the energy he needs to land the killing strike.

Prepare for Extinction which will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC in 1st Quarter 2018. Also thanks for stopping by and please feel free to check out our other post, especially our E3 coverage. – Beast Out

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