Is the Crew 2 Overwhelming?

Have you ever over eaten before? How about the first time around it was bad and then you go round too and add more on before improving it before consuming? No? Well, I sure have been in that situation and I know you are wondering, “Kuma, wtf does this have to do with the Crew 2?” That is a good question because after playing the first title which was not too bad, but the racing mechanics and some glitches needed improving. There were some networking issues too that made it frustrating since it was supposed to be an open world game but could not connect half the time. E3 2017 Ubisoft conference finally showed a trailer and gameplay footage and all I could say was…

I was amazed at first since this was the first open world racing game that you can literally drive anywhere you please, customize ALMOST any car in four different ways. So, you know what the developers showed us? A cluster of too much going on for me to be like, “oooooooooh amazing!” You have not only cars, but boats, planes, monster trucks, motorcycles and I swear to G if they added a train I would have been done. It kind of feels a bit too much like over eating as I stated earlier. There was a lot to fix in the first game which I noticed still had problems.

Ubisoft, I love your passion in branching off into other genres of games, but you seriously need a sit-down and address some issues before you go any further with your sequels. I am here with concerns because I do want to give this another chance.

What to Like:

After seeing the presentation I am liking the switch between vehicles that seems flawless. Visually the games look beautiful and I am impressed on how the worlds look even with no frame drops as you transfer from car to air to boat. This does mean having to switch controls though for the planes and learning how to deal with the water racing, but that is all a given. They also show their imagination with this open world title when they showed the rooftop racing in NYC. I love when developers take something normal and throw in the impossible, especially taking a Porsche not busting their shocks.

The other thing I want them to address is how the customization will work this time around. What made me mad before was the promise of any and all vehicles being customizable, which was not the case. not sure how that will pan out with all these vehicles all over the place.

It was a tasty presentation, but I will wait for more in-depth information as it develops and right now you can sign up for The Crew 2 beta by clicking this link right here. I will be on the Xbox One this time around which originally I was on the PC. So, if you want to get a game going hit up and we can test this sequel out together! – Beast Out

Beast Gamer Kuma

Beast Gamer Kuma

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