Ladies’ War III: Tekken 7 Tournament

It is that time to Rumble! Ladies, Amazons, Valkyries, Furies, Daughters of Mars and much more are welcome to this arena with the best of the best women face off on the digital battlefield. This is Ladies War 3 an invite only match that will be live streamed for all viewers. These gamers button mash like no other, inputting the combos needed to juggle their opponents into submission or if a level permits it a ring out.

After several years’ hiatus, the by-invitation-only, all-female online tournament is back! This year, we’re switching gears, and hosting the newest fighter from Bandai Namco, Tekken 7!!

The tournament will be hosted on Playstation 4 and a Round Robin style, FT2 matches, with the match being the best of five rounds. Winner keeps the character, the loser may change character. At the end, the number of matches won for each will be tallied. This way, everyone will have a chance to play each other which will serve as a great opportunity for match-up experience.

The rules are set and the arena is clear, so now it is up to you to show up and be amazed by the battles of these young warriors ready to combo, topple, and of course reign the salt on their rivals in a fun setting. The stream will be live on’s channel. I would suggest following her right now so you will be notified when the stream will go live.


This battle is going to be lit, but please be advised to have fun and if you are spectating try to keep the sodium levels to a minimum. Get ready on June 30th and show support to the warriors, because this may lead to other fighting games in the future. Keep that in mind and knuckle up! – Beast Out

Slideshow from 2014 ladies of War 2

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