Need for Speed Getting Payback

Today is not only game release day, but it is game reveal day as we finally get to see a trailer of Need for Speed Payback coming out November 10, 2017. I have to say the trailer is quite impressive and I am going to touch base on my feelings towards said game with my own history of need for speed.

It has been over a decade since we drove into the story side of racing which has been great and worked well since Underground leading to The Run. They were not all gems, but they were unique, but after I saw this latest trailer of Need For Speed Payback I am a bit concerned. I am not too concerned since the developers did take the time to listen to the players and made NFS 2015 a great game.

This will be quick because it is just a trailer and not much can be said. First off I am digging the idea of giving us an action movie story. Now I might piss some of you off, but I get “The Crew” vibe from this trailer as they bring up how you can turn any car into a super car. They showed street and offroad racing. There are some vehicles that transformed from racing to a strong muscle drag race car.

I am also seeing a female protagonist and I wonder if it will be story driven like “The Run” was, but I do not want it to do what the run did. As in if you go off the road a bit during a race, it will reset you. Give us the challenge if we are going back to a story mode, I want things as open world as NFS 2015. There is a lot of good going on so far and I hope you all stick to the formula that we love.

Well, E3 2017 is right around the corner so with EA Play showcase we shall see what is going to come of this new title. Let’s hope that Need for Speed Payback continues to give us street racers what enjoy. – Beast Out

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