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Hey, guys! The temperatures maybe climbing, but after E3 2017 it seems some people’s hype gauges just flat lined. Now that the shows over I’ve been hearing mixed feelings about the whole thing. Granted I didn’t think it was all bad as some of my cohorts did but hey a depleted hype gauge is no laughing matter for a gamer. It’s a terrible condition really symptoms include excessive ranting, bringing on old titles for the sheer purpose of nostalgia, and hesitation to buy upcoming titles. Thankfully there was one title this year the kicked my hype gauge into overdrive! Now Dissidia 3, I’ve known about and I’ve adjusted to getting trolled with Kingdom Hearts 3. So what game is it that’s got me through the moon you ask? Yoshi for the Switch of course!

Most of you are probably like “A Yoshi game? The eff?” Well hmmm? How do I put this? Every since 1998 Nintendo has had me hooked on all things, Yoshi. This rather unhealthy obsession began with Yoshi Story and got worse as time went on. The last game to come out Yoshi’s Wooly World just kept the addiction going. And this new title looks like it’s sure to satisfy my Yoshi fix as it looks like a fusion of both Wooly World and Story! In the E3 trailer, Yoshi travels through various colorful environment’s ground pounding, giving a foe the business with eggs, and switching perspectives with ease. The fact that there’s a play up on the 3D graphics has me mad hyped. Rather than just side scrolling players will get to experience all dimensions. Coupled with the bright colorful graphics and this Yoshi super fangirl is officially sold.

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Now this title with definitely be on must have of 2018 alongside DBZ Fighter. MvC4 has got me side-eyeing every Capcom fighting game from here on out (the level of rant for another day…) Bethesda is at it again with this paid mods thing again and Ubi Soft revealing an $800 pre-order I’m still sorting the “Can’t wait for this!” from the “Omg what were they thinking?” of E3 2017. What did you guys think? Once again spill or forever hold your peace in the Kzoku comment section!

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