Rocking hell with Victor Vran: Overkill

I am starting to see a rise in Diablo like titles and there is nothing wrong with that, the design brings full on action and amazing leveling system with beautiful artwork. This time announced today Victor Vran: Overkill is being released for consoles with a special Motörhead Collector’s Edition.

“We’re delighted to finally bring Victor Vran to consoles, answering the call of many Victor fans,” said Gabriel Dobrev, CEO at Haemimont Games. “We are incredibly proud to have collaborated closely with Motörhead during the development of Motörhead: Through the Ages. We hope that we have created an experience which lives up to Lemmy’s legacy.

Victor Vran is an incredible ARPG and we’re delighted to play our part in bringing the game to the wider audience it always deserved,” said Leo Zullo, Managing Director at Wired Productions. “A truly unique experience for the players, Victor Vran highlights the importance of strong independent studios pioneering the next generation of interactive entertainment.”

Holding an impressive 60fps and going for $39.99, Victor Vran is not a bad deal. It is available now worldwide digitally and physical copies for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. You are not alone in this battle either with 2 players local co-op or jump online to bring a reign of destruction with 4 players. There will be two brand new adventures that fans can enjoy with the ethereal Fractured Worlds and Motörhead: Through the Ages. 

Metal and Mayhem is all you need, but check back so we can gift you with a nice review coming soon. – Beast Out


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