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How long have I been a Crackdown fan? Yea, I know that wasn’t your question but I will tell you anyway. Crackdown was bought because of the Halo 3 Multiplayer beta like every other gamer I was shocked that Crackdown was a great game! Some of you may not remember, but to gain access to the multiplayer Beta we needed to first buy Crackdown. Being an Agent in this futuristic open world setting was top notch gaming. The more things you did to level up the more powerful your agent will become and not just the Agent, but the vehicles you drove. This lead to a sequel that was not a fan favorite because a different studio took over, but it did offer a new 4 player co-op, however, the vehicle level up system wasn’t there. What was there to come of Crackdown?

E3 2017 is finally here and today we are checking out the Microsoft Conference showing off some pretty cool games, but seeing Terry Crews in full Agent costume welcoming us back to the Agency. Let’s take a look!

Now, I am laughing that they finally added a female character to the game after years of gamers wondering why that never happened? Crackdown is a fun adrenaline super soldier game filled with open world action and crazy explosions. I like that you will still upgrade your Agent the more you gain icons which will take a lot of farming, but worth it.

Since this announcement, I am curious if we will get a re-release of Crackdown 1 and 2 on the Xbox One, especially after the announcement of the new extended Backwards Compatibility towards the original Xbox? It would be a nice item to have especially with the Xbox Pass feature.

In that Crackdown 3 will be released on November 7th, 2017 which as I have stated before you can pre-order your games through Play-Asia.com which through your purchases helps out the site as long as you click through here. I hope to team up with any of you future agents as well as my fellow veterans when Crackdown 3 drops this fall. Beast Out – 

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