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Well, folks, it’s that time again, you know that time? Anime JRPG time! With all the hot new titles coming in those of you JRPG fans are in luck. See, Sega has this hot new title dropping this week. A game that is filled with so much action packed anime goodness it’s bound to keep JRPG fanatics glued to their controllers and welcome newcomers to the wonderful world of JRPG filling just about every expectation. Valkyria Revolution is this summer’s hot new game and here is why.


Our tale of anime JRPG goodness begins with the basic JRPG set ups war. The nation of Jutland has had enough of the big bad God Tier Ruzi empire. Ya see Ruzi does what it does when it wants how it wants whenever it wants. Taking over other nations left and right and being as ruthless as they can while doing so. After Ruzi concurs the surrounding nations Jutland is back into an ever so tight corner. But if you live your life like a Boss its go hard or go home. Leave it to the Ruzi to go harder than ever and set up a blockade on resources to Jutland! How are they doing this?

See they’ve got a secret weapon backing them up and bringing the other nations to their knees. A Valkyrie, which is an all powerful mystical being that can weaken enemies with ease. The embodiment of death so to speak. Luckily for Jutland, the Ruzi are about to go up against the most fearless group of badasses (well minus Princess Pure Chan) The Anti-Valkyria Squad. The man whose leading them to victory is a force to be reckoned with, Captain Amleth’s got a bone to pick with the Ruzi and all is not what it seems. He and his secret squad have mad beef with the empire and while this war may appear to be about Jutland it’s actually all about revenge. Not all is what it seems when it comes to Jutland’s history and the only way to find the truth is to play through this checked past.


First things first, the graphics. These graphics are amazing, the fusion of anime style and realistic scenery really gives this game life. It’s done just right. Normally with anime style games the color scheme gets bright borderline seizure inducing but players will defiantly have no problem with flash effects in this game. The OST is okay although I must admit it seems as if the same four songs play over and over just in different cut scenes. The combat here is the real beauty and even though the combat is complex, it actually handles effortlessly. Players take a 4 party team out to battle to complete various mission. X button does standard attacks and when you press triangle that’s when the real magic happens!

Here players can access guns, grenades, elemental moves, items, and a nifty order feature so you won’t have to constantly switch characters to battle. Players can also switch between the 4 characters and give group orders, but what really impressed me with this game is how tactical you can get. Before you send the squad to turn up in the battlefield players can set the crew up with tactics. Basically setting each character up with how they want them to play based on the tactics they choose. If you pay attention to the type of character and equip the right tactics it’s almost as if you are playing a co-op online game with ya besties. The CPU is so well programmed I was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting to be filled with “Why is my mage going fista cuffs with enemies right now the hell?!” but props to Sega on this programming excellence! Tactics can be unlocked in a variety of ways from finding skits to fighting a certain way on the battlefield.

But never the less there is room for improvement on the battlefield. One of the biggest issues I had was the characters yelling over each other which can interfere with whatever battle plans you’ll be attempting. Leveling up is a pain in the ass, there are so many people in this party you’d think this was a Wu-Tang Clan show. Although the characters level up evenly, actually leveling up their own personal skills will take a lot if your Ragnite. Ragnite doubles a move and there ain’t enough of it to go around so I often went to battle with the same four members. Speaking about large parties… do you like anime arc types and trophies? Because the Anti Valkyrie Squad ought to change their name to the Anime Cliché Clique. Now for me, it’s nothing I’m not already used to however since you’ll be watching cut scenes with the crew the dialogue can get kinda dry. But the voice acting is very high quality so what it lacks in dynamic dialogue it makes up for in quality.


Overall this game is dope. It’s super fun, interesting story with great graphics, combat etc. Now die-hard fans of the previous game may be off put by the more action-packed combat over tactical play style, but the combat engine is very well done. There is just a lot to love about this game and for that Valkyria Revolution gets a 4/5. So if you got money lying around this week and want to add a new game to your PS4 collection I highly suggest picking this title up! Pick up your copy of Valkyria Revolution now at

P.S: Amleth, Helena, Blum, Sara- That’s the lineup right there!





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