What if They Made an Agent Venom Video Game

Greetings gamers and welcome to this off side gamer thought. E3 is now over so now we are scrambling to either pre-order games or get deeper information to upcoming titles. However, I got sidetracked as I was checking out some old games that I played and picked up my copy of Maximum Carnage for the Sega Genesis. it made me think about Agent Venom also known as Flash Thompson who dawns the now controlled venom symbiote.


Before you dismiss this article really think about it. We have a standalone Venom movie coming out which is going to be based on Eddie Brock, but the beauty of the video game version is that it can be in its own universe. Comicbook.com just unleashed information that Carnage will be in the cinematic universe of the Venom Standalone movie which is fantastic, but not sure how that will work well. Anyway back to Agent Venom. It was a shock to me that Flash Thompson went from Sports Highschool Super Star/Bully to war Hero only to lose his legs in combat. This is one of those old stories of the government giving you a second chance at a new program. Since Flash is known to idolize Spider-man and always wanted to be a hero like him he didn’t hesitate to grasp this opportunity.

The symbiote itself has been redesigned so that the user can have full control as long as they maintain a stable mind. He has all the same powers as Venom, but more military style. It kind of reminds me of spawn without the cape and he can also assimilate weapons into his symbiote armor. If you don’t see a video game in the making then I don’t know how else I can spell it out.

Let’s set aside all the red tape for a moment and just keep an open mind on the possibilities of this being a thing. I was shocked to see that there were a lot of superhero video games that were canceled and many of them made it to Alpha stage.

How Would It Play?

This is a damn good question and I went through many video games to see what developer would do an Agent Venom game Justice. I did like the play style of the Prototype series. It has that OpenWorld, fast paced action that is needed for that character. Now, I could take this a step further for an FPS style game, but I want the developers of Crysis to work in that style. The movement and combat were not too bad in Crysis and definitely fits the super soldier genre quite well. The added bonus of the Crytek engine to be used would be freaking sweet.

The only other developer I like since they did a beautiful series with an amazing choice system in the people behind the Splinter Cell series. Yes, I know it is Ubisoft, but not all their games are glitched out and being that Sam Fisher is the Agent that in my opinion has had the best combat system. Flash Thompson would be perfect with that game style.

What Scenarios or Challenges will Happen?

  • Berserk Mode: There will be times when Flash will lose control and revert back to the regular venom. This can be a good and bad scenario to have in any game, but it comes with invulnerability extra strength and of course a feral state of mind.
  • Sound Issues: As some of you know that the symbiote’s weakness is high-frequency sound waves. In a later point in the stage, some enemies could get Soundwave guns or cannons as they did use against the Hulk in the Ed Norton film.
  • Losing the Suit: I know some gamers hate it when a character has to play normally at times, but there were times when flash only had his Cyborg legs that Hank McCoy made for him when he doesn’t have the Suit. There could be a situation where Flash has to get to his suit somehow but has to fight as regular human Flash. I mean with cyborg legs will still have some movement advantages.
  • Cameo’s Galore: Agent Venom has teamed up with the Avengers, Ghost Rider, Dr. Strange and many others. This is why I love the gaming Universe vs. the Cinematic because you can have these characters with them without a problem.

This is just a fun topic that I was discussing with others about if we had the means to make a superhero game. Now it is your turn to share your thoughts on this topic or what superhero or team of superheroes you would love to see as a video game? What Superhero deserves a remake because they just didn’t do it justice at all before? Please share your thoughts in the comment area below, looking forward to reading them. – Beast Out


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  • Bellowzen

    I love the idea. He is an interesting character with a cool blend of abilities with his venom powers, marksmanship and combat skills. I’d buy it in a second.

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