Xbox One X not bad at $499

I am going to get crucified, but whatever! So the Xbox One Scorpio is now called the Xbox One X, so get ready for the X1X short form which is dope sounding already. Now the kicker here was the reveal of the price range that was like pulling teeth for the reveal. The tagline is the XBOX ONE X, “The Most Powerful Console Ever Made!” I gave a side eye too but let’s take a look at those specs.

Xbox One X

Eight custom x86 cores clocked at 2.3GHz

Integrated AMD graphics with 6 teraflops of performance



11.8 x 9.4 x 2.4 inches, the “smallest Xbox ever”

8.4 pounds

4K/HDR Blu-ray drive

PlayStation 4 Pro

2.1GHz 8-core AMD custom “Jaguar” CPU

Integrated AMD Polaris graphics with 4.2 teraflops of performance



12.8 x 11.6 x 2.1 inches

7.2 pounds

Both systems will support 4k no duh and both will have HDR support. I do agree with Lady Arsenic that the Xbox One S should have been the launch system, but companies tend to rush things. I am not going to pretend that I know everything about these systems like most people that just read the manual. Most of us know the deal once we play the game how does it run, are the framerates good and can the developers make their games to match the specs of the system, which most don’t. So far from the Xbox conference was top notch and showed off a lot of games and that’s what I wanted. Let’s check out Anthem which was fully shown at the Xbox Conference last night.


What I want to truly touch base on is the complaints about the systems price. Being that I have had almost every game system and built my own computers, there is really nothing for you to complain about if you are a smart consumer. I am not going to assume here, but I am pretty sure most of you have an Xbox One or an Xbox One S. Now keep your mind off the idea of $499 price tag and consider the deals that will come out during the time of the release. You know that trade in values will go up to benefit the purchase of a new Xbox One X. (Yes I used to work at GameStop and I got let go because I helped out customers too much.) I deal with a lot of superficial or a bit pompous gamers out there show turn their nose and dismiss things too easily.

First things to consider that you do have time. I could understand if the announcement was a month away and during that time you will have things to do and holidays to get ready for. It is June people, so that is enough time for you to save a hundred here and there until the November.

Lay off the high sodium, quit the crying and just think for a moment of how possible it is to obtain this system. If you don’t care for the system then, hush because some of you sound mad right now for whatever reason.

The end result is that Xbox took its time to show something intriguing by introducing true backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 digital and physical copies. The big kicker is now going back to OG Xbox supporting physical and digital copies with them starting with a fan favorite of Crimson Skies. I literally opened up my old library of OG Xbox titles and saw Def Jam Fight for NY and I hope to the gaming gods you will let me play that game!

So, with all that being said I am quite impressed with what Xbox showed us for the Xbox One X. I shall be there this fall trading in my system to lower the cost and use the promotions that will be available with the added reason to pick up a 4K television. There is enough time gamers, so stop being salty and wipe those tears. Beast Out

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  • Hvd

    a pc that can do 4k/60fps will cost you upwards around $2k or more so $400 for native 4k its a steal.

    there goes my tax return thx xbox one

    • Lol, it is a cheaper investment at least to me. Not that bad especially after i trade in my old xbox which will drop the price.

      • Hvd

        indeed cant wait to get it.

    • Guest

      1st of all, the 1X is definitely not a 4k/60fps system. Assassin’s Creed is dynamic 4K and possibly 30fps, GOW4 is still only 30fps, NFS Payback is only 30fps, Metro Exodus is targeting 4k on 1X (so its not even definite yet!) and the list goes on. So the 1X is definitely not a 4k/60fps system. Just because some games can hit 4k/60, it doesnt mean its a 4k/60 system, heck the new Wipeout Omega on PS4 is native 4k/60

      And second of all, you most certainly can make a PC for like around $500 that perform or outperform a 1X. Sh’t a GTX970 can do 4k/30 in many games.

      And third of all, its too much, Its too much for a console. People dont want to pay $500 for consoles. $400 seems to be the limit amongst the mainstream.

      Oh and here is a list of Ps Pro games that are native 4k:
      – Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection (Native 4K@30FPS)
      – Battleborn (Native 4K@30FPS)
      – Bound (Native 4K@60FPS + MSAA x2 upscaled from MSAAx8 in normal gameplay / in VR mode: rendering to 4K internal screen which is then supersampled to 1080P display in PSVR + new effects like volumetric lights + sharper shadows)
      – Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition (Native 4K)
      – Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition (Native 4K (dynamic resolution: 2160p in normal scenes, 1080p in heavy scenes)@60FPS / improved ambient occlusion + enhanced bloom)
      – Farming Simulator 17 (Native 4K)
      – FIFA 17 (Native 4K@60FPS + Higher resolution depth of field buffer)
      – forma.8 (Native 4K@60FPS + 8xMSAA )
      – Futuridium EP Deluxe (Native 4K@60FPS)
      – Hatsune Miku – Project DIVA – X HD (Native 4K@60FPS / Video quality of 3D drawing is enhanced)
      – Homefront: The Revolution: playable secret game (TimeSplitters 2) (Native 4K@30FPS +HDR)
      – Hustle Kings (Native 4K@60FPS + HDR)
      – Kingdom Hearts HD: Dream Drop Distance (Native 4K@60FPS)
      – Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 HD Remix (Native 4K@60FPS)
      – Locoroco (Native 4K + HDR)
      – Mantis Burn Racing (Native 4K@60FPS / Native 4K@30FPS for 4 player split-screen / + HDR)
      – Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (Native 4k (most of the times but scales down to 80% of it which is 3072 x 1728 in heavy scenes) @30FPS)
      – MLB The Show 17 (Native 4K + HDR)
      – NBA 2K17 (Native 4K@60FPS + HDR)
      – Neon Chrome (Native 4K@60FPS)
      – Ni-Oh (Native 4K@30FPS + slightly higher resolution shadow maps)
      – Paladins (Native 4K (dynamic resolution: lowest recorded res: 3264×1836) @60FPS)
      – Parappa The Rapper (Native 4K + HDR)
      – Patapon (Native 4K + HDR)
      – Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 (Native 4K@60FPS)
      – Rez Infinite (Native 4K@60FPS)
      – Smite (Native 4K(dynamic resolution)@60FPS)
      – Tethered (Native 4K@60FPS)
      – The Division (Native 4K@30FPS + improved shadows, reflections, AA and Temporal AA)
      – The Elder Scrolls Online (Native 4K@30FPS + HDR)
      – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Edition (Native 4K@30FPS)
      – The Last Of Us Remastered (Native 4K@30FPS with the best shadows + HDR)
      – The Witness (Native 4K@30FPS + 2xMSAA + HDR)
      – Thumper (Native 4K@60FPS)
      – Viking Squad (Native 4K@60FPS + 2xMSAA)
      – Wheels of Aurelia (Native 4K@60FPS)
      – WipEout Omega Collection (Native 4K@60FPS + 4×8 EQAA if motion blur is disabled)

      Apps which already started supporting 4K on PS PRO:

      – Hulu
      – Media Player
      – Netflix
      – Youtube

      • If you want to keep wasting money on a system that you will have to constantly update monthly than by all means. Honestly people have spent more than that on systems for years so no it is not expensive. Further more you can’t say they are not true 4k that is just ignorance.

        • Guest

          “If you want to keep wasting money on a system that you will have to constantly update monthly than by all means.

          I dont know what system you are talking about.

          “Honestly people have spent more than that on systems for years so no it is not expensive.”

          Yes, there have been some consoles that have sold for more than $500 but they’ve all been flops. So YES, $500 is too much for the mainstream for a console. Now notice im saying “console”.

          “Further more you can’t say they are not true 4k that is just ignorance.”

          Excuse my english but wtf are you talking about? If its not native 4k then its not 4k, FACT! So if you think otherwise than you sir are the ignorant one.

          I was just responding to the guy that seems to think the 1x is some sort of 4k/60 system, when already you can see that there are many games that arent. And even the Pro has native 4k/60 games, but would you call that system a 4k/60 machine?

          And your response seems a little fanboyish, very defensive for a mod. You people are supposed to be above that.

      • You do realize your statement about them all being floosbis false right? Anyway if it is not for you its not for you. Ask yourself why do you care if you are not planning on getting it or are you and you just looking for a violin to play with this whining?

        • Guest

          Oh boy, correcting someone so they know the facts is not whining. Whining is what you’re doing because you obviously didnt like what i said. What is your problem with the facts?

    • Guest

      Oh MS considers it 4k if its dynamic or checkerboarded

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