Piccolo and Krillin on Dragon Ball Fighter Z

I say, what you were planning on not adding the two? The heck out of here with that noise! Either way recently on Dragon Ball Super we got to see how powerful Krillin is as he made Goku go full Super Sayian God mode during their fights. Krillin is consider a true strong human on planet Earth and his quirky attitude has always been my favorite. Piccolo on the other the hand has always been my favorite since he has been Goku’s rival since Dragon Ball. Pushed Goku to his limit and hell even raised his Son Gohan while he was away, but that is on some Maury mess (laughs).

Arc System Works is bringing us the long awaited Dragon BALL fighting game that looks to topple previous titles. Full animation cinematics and amazing fight mechanics that will keep you on edge.

Be sure to check back for more information as it develops and maybe we will see info about other characters. – Beast Out

Beast Gamer Kuma

Beast Gamer Kuma

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