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Early Access is a beautiful thing at times and right now the Destiny 2 beta is live for those that Pre-ordered. I of course obtained both versions on the PS4 and Xbox One, but we are going to try it out on the PS4 for now. This is a first impression not a review, we shall touch base on what we feel that has improved and what we will expect when the final release comes out. We do have a strike video to share with you all so that is something to look forward too indeed. In that being said, let’s do the thing!

Before you can even try out the multiplayer, you must go through the beginning campaign. At this point you get to choose three preset classes as usual you have your titan, your hunter and of course the warlock. If you have not seen the E3 premiere then let me fill you in. Everything is a cluster f*ck at this point. Your base has been invaded, the traveler has been corrupted and everything is being destroyed right infront of your eyes. They blew up my damn room! I had some expensive comic books in there dammit! The Cabal is going full assault which reminded me of that time the Foot discovered the turtles lair and just tore the place apart. This is the same concept.

The weird part is that I thought they were going to start us off with our previous powers, but we start off with one old power and one new power for the new game. When I first initiated my talent and pulled out a purple shield the first thing that came out of my mouth was, “I AM CAPTAIN FU*KING AMERICA BABY!!” I spit on myself and it was freaking awesome. You can throw the shield and it attacks multiple enemies, but it seems you can only do it once. Then you have your charge attack, simple melee and of course your defensive move.

It all doesn’t last long as you go through the final part of the demo and all your powers are stripped away. So, it leaves me wondering when the game fully drops how do we get our powers back or will there be a secondary source that grants us our light? We shall see.

Well the tutorial is done, so what should we do now? Well we can head over to the multiplayer area and expand this adventure. So far we are granted with 3 modes to play in, but I went into the strike mission and thankfully I have a video just for you.

The boss was pretty much cut and paste from the previous game with just an added twist of giving him a gravity ability and removing the floor to give you that, “oh snap” factor. Now Lady Arsenic wants to share a few of her thoughts in the game after she shows off this amazing video of her gaining that clutch.

Well with the first destiny beta it had a ton of content, but at the same time once full game launched it was the majority of base game minus the full story, but you get a good feel for the game.

This is I don’t even know what to call it.. more like a multiplayer beta test with a tiny pve tease.. like they could have done the 1 story mission then had a free roam of an area.. – Lady

I understand where she is coming from. There is a lot of ground for Bungie to show us improvements and something new for their sequel. Usually in Beta’s I do not expect too much because they are just giving us a sample to things to come. Don’t want to overwhelm your audience before the game drops and then what are you going to show off? However, you should wow us enough to keep us interested.

There was a time when we had beta’s or demos that showed us a different aspect of the game that will not be in the base game, but was intense enough to give us that gamer wood to buy the title. At times if the demand is high they will reintroduce that demo as part of the story later on.

All and all, I have to say I am in neutral. I am digging the new shield feature and the hunter class has a light saber staff that is the bomb, but still not enough to make me drool… yet. This is still just the early access and Arsenic told me that there is more to come this weekend. As of right now the servers are kind of crap with the pvp area having some lag issues that just make you say forget it. I did explore the strike area before doing the main mission just to take a look around for a bit. There is no sparrow access, but last night we did steal some enemy vehicles before they disappeared and got around easier. It was nice exploring.

We shall see when more develops over the weekend. Share your thoughts in the comment area below if you are playing the beta. What do you want to see more of? What do you expect from the final game? Are you going to be there for day one? – Beast Out

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