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There have been so many different stories of Beauty and the Beast. I know that most don’t have the title, but still, follow the same theme. A man whose heart has grown cold, only until he meets a woman that makes him a believer again. For Dracula, his faith in humanity was long gone only to meet a woman who walked into his home seeking knowledge to help those in need. This woman made his dead heart feel alive again, but that kind of happiness never last sadly. When you are surrounded by those that are ignorant that do not believe in your love or that your practices may deem you a Witch. The Universe tends to misses an event and causes heartache. There is nothing worse than being on a vacation only to return to find out your love was burned at the stake. All I can think of is, “You done fu*ked Up now!”

How many of you know the story of Vlad the Impaler? Hopefully many and there are too many stories to the reason how his dark path. In this story of Castlevania Vlad is already a vampire vs. other stories before his dark transformation. So, this woman his new love Lisa from Lupu just wanted to enhance her medical studies to save people but ended up with a bonus of falling for Dracula. In that, he promised her that he would walk the Earth as a man to see the world as a man. Honestly, I relate to why he would be so pissed after casting away his demons and letting down his guard only to be spit on by the world that Lisa loved. She Loved the world and even at her final moments pleaded to her love not to judge them or take action against them. It is not right and they all should suffer like the dreadful humans that they are!

So, in honor of his loves wishes he gave these feeble and petty people one year to make their peace with their God and hell gave them a chance to go. In one years time Dracula will unleash a true nightmare that they have never seen while filling not only the streets with blood but the very sky in honor of his fallen love. Is he wrong? That remains to be seen, but there are still those that feel the need to save these fools, even if they are too ignorant to see their own wrongs. Trevor Belmont, house of Belmont who is a drunken fool at this point lost himself takes it up the call to save the people. if he sobers up enough to care that is. It is an interesting turn as he teams up with Speakers in order to seek a solution to the turmoil. How will all this play out?

The Good:

Visually the animation is done beautifully and holds nothing back when it comes to the gore situations. There was a demon running away with a naked baby in one scene and then it transitions to a house filled with blood. I like how the creators want you to feel the horror and wrath of Dracula. The time stamps are a nice touch transitioning from 1455 to 1475 and finally judgment day on 1476. Then comes the action of it all, there is not much of it, but it is a nice balance between the scenes. Each episode is a little over 25 minutes long and in the first episode, things don’t really get intense until about marker 18.

I did like the comedy of Trevor Belmont who seems to be down on his luck being that his family name means not much to the people anymore. Nothing else to do, but drink his sorrows away in a pint of ale while still trying to stay under the radar when he can. If you played any of the games there will be a level of nostalgia that you will take notice. The demons appear to have their own mindset and of course, Alucard is in the movie from the start trying to maintain Dracula’s humanity even after the devastation.

It all flowed quite well, even with some of the dry points and I like how it makes you question who is the real villain here?

The Bad:

What in your right mind did you think it was okay to just give us 4 episodes? That is not enough for the first season and I hope this is not going to be an ongoing thing from here on out. Was it just a taste to see how we would react? Because dammit it tasted good and we want more of it.


Castlevania was done quite well for a video game anime adaptation. It gave the right amount of a service and was deep with the story where I felt conflicted about my feelings toward the situations with Dracula, Alucard and Trevor Belmont. I am glad they showed the hero of the story to be more of an A-hole in a dire situation. The world has gone to sh*t and has given up on you, I would feel the same way. All and all besides it being a short series I give it 4 out of 5 paws for a new video game anime series. I recommend checking it out right now and give it thumbs up on Netflix so the creators know it was worth it. I do hope to see more video games turned into animations or live action movies as long as it is done right. – Beast Out






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  • anything is better than dracula untold * which lets face it is a poor ripoff of Old world of darkness stories * .

    this well ,this 4 episodes i guess you can blame on sherlock and his 3 episode a season schtick …havent sat through it yet tho ,but if this disappoints me, i can always rewatch the playstation castlevania cgi film on youtube ^^

    • Beast Gamer Kuma

      The funny part is I kind of Liked the Dracula untold movie especially the ending. Wasn’t too bad, but it could have been a straight to DVD movie.

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