Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Review

For those that have been complaining to me that the “New” Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is too hard and they should give it an easy mode…SLAP YOURSELF hard with an Atari 2600 or an Original Xbox. They both are heavy enough to bring some form of sense into your gaming mind and now that is out of the way let’s get into this review.

This will be a quick review since I remembered reviewing this game many years again when it first released so it will be more of a nostalgia trip. The moment you pick up that controller and pick the first game to play you must prepare yourself for rage and frustration. This is a platforming title, but it took a linear twist as most have been side scrolled style, but Crash changed the perspective where you go into 3rd person and side scrolling. It is not open world like Spyro, Ratchet or Jak, and Daxter series. However, you have to be mindful of your jumps and learn the rhythm of each level which becomes predictable in time. Many gamers know that the real enemy in this type of game is yourself as you progress the levels will increase in difficulty. DO NOT THROW THE CONTROLLER! Just take a break, have some tang and come back to it.

The Story:

I know it is weird I didn’t start off with this, but the story is quite simple really. The first game consists of the hero Crash being experimented on by Neo Cortex and Crash escapes. However, it seems his girlfriend came to the rescue only to take his place. It is up to Crash to find his way back to the Cortex in order to save his love! In Crash 2: Cortex Strikes Back it seems that Doctor Cortex is turning a new leaf and wants to save the world instead of destroying it, but luckily crash has his sister Coco who doesn’t trust the doctor’s new intentions. This time around you will have to collect crystals, but Dr. Brio wants crash to collect gems instead all across insanity levels. It is a nice twist and I definitely enjoyed the twist in the story. Finally, we have Crash Bandicoot Warped which is the third installment as you may have guessed deals with time travel and Aku Aku’s evil younger brother Uka Uka. This time around Crash and Coco must go through the time and stop both Cortex and Dr. Nefarious from altering time to enslave Earth.

The Good:

All three have been digitally remastered for an updated experience while having the same nostalgia of difficulty. I do miss the creativity and imagination of games of this nature since we are dealing with times of GTA, Call of duty, and Tomb Raider. Many companies have gone to the mature route instead of giving us the fantasy worlds that we used to know in the platformer genre.

It is all pretty to look at and the comedic situations are fun to experience for new and old gamers. Crash games are known for you

The Bad:

There is one thing I wish they did upgrade was the input reaction. I am not too sure if I am just too hip on the input response time of today’s game, but as I am playing crash I do fill some weird tension in movement and jumping. I would recommend using the D-pad since this game came out before the analog sticks and gives it that old school feels as well as the response time feels better. You using the analog might be a bit too quick for the game to respond but take your time. Also did experience some glitches where crash would go through the background on some side scrolled missions, but it didn’t happen often.


5 out of 5 paws is my concrete decision on this as I geeked out with all the replay value, the time attacks and of course being able to switch as CoCo in the first game. Crash N. Sane trilogy is a beautiful game and I hope it succeeds to show the industry on what kind of games we would like to see return. There is a lovely amount of frustration to appreciate where you get in the zone and your palms start to sweat as you try to time each movement and jump only to fail in the silliest of ways. It becomes more nerve racking when you are doing the time trials trying to figure out how to beat the fastest time in order to get the proper relics. I love that it does show you your friends time so that brings in new elements of challenge.

All in all the 40 dollar price tag is not bad since you are getting three remastered titles that are truly remastered. Pick your copy up today either through physical or digital whichever you prefer. Also, it would be cool if you support us by buying through since we are affiliated. They handle all of your gaming needs foreign and domestic games. Thanks for checking out the review and be sure to return for more in the coming weeks. – Beast Out

Final Verdict:

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