Customization 101 in NFS Payback

Here we are on this Wednesday with a trailer reveal coming from Need for Speed showing off the customization in Payback. However, after watching the trailer I was impressed, but a bit under-whelmed.

Here are a few things we need to touch base on though. For one I am loving the full customization options that you are giving us. It has been a long time since we dived deep into full modeling of cars since Need for Speed Undergound. 2015 version of Need For Speed still felt limited but you are showing us more options. The downside a bit from my homie HumanCells felt cheated that the video didn’t show anything on the neon lights option that was shown in yesterdays tweet. Kind of deceptive, but hopefully your left that out for future videos for night time tuning races.

There is room to be different and I bring this up since barn finds and old junkers to find. This is an old concept that has been first implemented in Forza Horizon, then The Crew. I feel that since Need for Speed is more on the fantasy world of the criminal underground this could have been open to new ways to obtain other vehicles. As in stealing factory tuned cars from transport trucks and car dealer shops. Once you obtain said car you can strip them down and improve upon them. Best example I can think of is Gone in Sixty Seconds finding cars at homes as well and that could bring in a new challenge to flee the cops in this under-tuned vehicle either ducking them in a junkyard or getting to your transport truck to lose the cops. The first part of the trailer when you steal that Koenigsegg.

All that being said, this still looks promising and I am looking forward to the different racing options as well as the intense story. I am glad NFS is going back to some of their story driven racing games because they were quite entertaining. Also there is more diversity to look forward too being that there is a female lead in the story mode to play as. That might not be a big deal to many, but it is too me. I was curious to see how that story would be like since I admire characters like Letty or Sway.

Thank you for stopping by and giving us all that amazing support. Share your thoughts below on how you feel about the customization video and what you might want to see more of before the release. Pre-orders are now live to get yours now by supporting for all your gaming needs and yes we are affiliated with them that helps out our site in the long run. – Beast Out

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