European Deadzone Getaway in Destiny 2

Nothing like a summer get away to the back woods right after your base is destroyed and your powers are stripped away from you. What does one do with all that free time? Do we regroup and plan a strategy of attack against this stronger Cabal enemy? Of course, we don’t, no sir we go out to the cabin in the woods to play soccer duh! Welcome back all as we update you on the latest stress test update for Destiny 2 beta and I am here with Lady Arsenic to share the experience. This latest stress test does not give us a huge raid or a new event that we all could test out. Instead, they just dropped a whole bunch of us in this closed area to explore what we can and as Lady stated to dance on everything possible. Check out her live stream video showing off the experience.

I don’t know about you, but test like these do not hold my interest for too long. I was pretty, but I get distracted by the weapons on my back and knowing that up somewhere the galaxy is in trouble. Why the hell are we just chilling here trying to keep score playing soccer when there is work to be done. I do understand that this is a beta and you are just testing the servers and the mass amount of players, but I have to stress that the first beta for Destiny had a lot more to offer to show us what we will be getting into. My colleague Arsenic is right that this Beta felt kind of empty, however, the PVP did play better than before where we had flawless games without lag. Had a lot of fun with that and gaining new gear is always fun. Hell Arsenic got this Fur chest piece that was to die for and I got my spiked arm shoulder pads that made me look beefy.

There has been a huge change with how the weaponry work with secondary weapons is not limited to shotguns or snipers anymore. I have an assault rifle with some sweet mods on it and the ammo capacity was ridiculous. Everyone gets a primary exotic during the campaign, but I used my secondary weaponry more. The primary did pack more of a punch, but it was wasting bullets too fast. Also, going into PVP the weapon drops are different, but I am not sure if that was just for the beta. In Destiny 1 you had to wait for a secondary chest to show up and heavy ammo. This time around secondary and primary are already full, but you have to wait for a heavy wall drop to happen. The messed up part to me is that it is not shared once you open the wall case for heavy. So, this will pit players against one another instead of team work like the previous game where you wait for all to show up and open the case to share the ammo. That is a bad move in my opinion which will increase in salt levels or was that your intention Bungie?

In that all being said, I am still going to be there on day one because I am a fan of the game and I want to be there on opening day instead of being a year late like last time. The beta has been extended to Tuesday, July 25th, 2017. That is enough time to see what other goodies you can unlock before it officially closes. I open the discussions up to you the reader, what have you enjoyed or what did you want more from the beta? Please feel free to share your thoughts and I will see the rest of you on launch. – Beast Out –

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