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I am cracking up right now, but before we begin happy Wtf Wednesday and welcome to this topic of Virtual Trinkets. I ran into this newspaper called IBD Weekly and they had a front page topic called, “Buy Now, Play and Pay Forever” which touched based on expensive virtual items or how it accumulates throughout time. I started to laugh because I have mentioned this before, but I believe you can be smart about it if you know what you are doing so you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars on virtual items.

I am not going to say I fell victim to this idea, because I was smart enough to know what kind of game it was and what I would have to do. However, what about those games that just go belly up? I.E. PlayStation Home which was a great idea and brought in some innovative as well as fun interaction with users on PSN. It even came to a point where you could use your avatar in video games that were specifically made for the PS Home. Sadly you did have to spend money to be the “popular” one.

The main thing I have a problem with is the price range of virtual items which can be ridiculous at times. I was playing a “Free-to-Play” game Crossout which many of the in game items are pricey. One bundle of a Tank cost full game price of $59.99. Now psychologically it is unfair because if you want to be the best you have to spend that money, in a way this kills most Free-to-play games where A. Not worth playing. B. The game doesn’t play too well and C. Expensive content.

There are some games that trap you into rebuying at times especially when it comes to a timed event. This mostly happens on Mobile games and you are trying to rush to get what you need without buying, but at times you will cave and spend the funds to unlock a character or obtain a particular item that may not return or so they want you to believe. Then there is mentions of Overwatch and their Loot Box transactions. Honestly this is where things get a bit tricky on what is worth it and what is not. It all depends on the game you play and if you are a fan of said game I have no problems with what you do. Until you get those gamers crying about how much money they paid on a virtual item that gives them no boost or advantage. It is just a cosmetic for you to look cool or show off.

Are there true free-to-play games? I have not seen many, but I would have to say Warframe has been a true video game that fit the title of “Free-to-play” since you can farm and earn everything in the game. However, building takes real time hours so that will come down to how patient you are. I built a Bo Staff that took real 24 hours to build, but they do give you the option to pay for a speedy build. I was good with the weapons I had for the time being, so I could wait.

I thought about when all this first came about to my knowledge and it was Need for Speed Carbon on the Xbox 360 where I had my first experience with mirco-transactions. This gave gamers the options to either earn all the cars with skills or you can just out right buy them all without waiting.

At the end of the day gaming has become a financial expense to an extent where you have to budget your money properly for releases. Like I told my friend who upgraded her child to a PlayStation 4, “The 60 dollar a year PSN Plus is one of many things you will have to worry about.” It is true, you have to pay to play online, then there is DLC to pay for, in game content not part of the season pass, subscription fees depending on the MMO you play and many other services that comes with gaming. It is not as scary as you think, just be mindful of the games you want to get into and stick with said game.

So, be prepared to drop more than the price tag on games these days. As long as you are aware you will be all right. Please share your thoughts on this topic and if you feel comfortable in stating, how much have you spent on virtual items? – Beast Out  –

Beast Gamer Kuma

Beast Gamer Kuma

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  • well its a good thing you saw the death of HOME …cus i still have it installed on my 3,
    it sucks that it wasnt left alone tho .

    i believe i blew 1oo dollars on in game cash in WARFRAME and let me say ,worst mistake i made in 2o16 .its like the only game ive blown hard cash on *and i didnt even buy a SKIN AKA pRIME set , thats how dumb i was ><

    we have forsaken world , perfect world , etc including any and all MMOs that use in game currency ,and the only way to get anything good is to have someone elses credit card ie AN EX ,and max the daylights out of it in the addons * not that ive tried it , natch *

    • Yea, I have to say I never spent fund son Warframe, I just waited for the whatever I farmed to build on its own. It is just crazy and sad that people still don’t have this knowledge.

      • well once the new OpENWORLD hits ,i am gonna END my cash issue , ie NO MORE BUYING because unless they FIX that * mission fail * issue ~ where even if you get a relic or a new item at the mission summary you lose everything ~ im gonna be soloing my games .

        ive lost sooo many blue fragments * you know the memory thing * cus of this .i honestly pRAY they fix it …. cus im mad as ***K

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